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Excessive spitting up and crying due to BF overfeeding? Is this possible?

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arthymum Mon 22-Sep-08 08:17:06

My ds is three and half weeks old and normally feeds (vigorously!) for 20 minute stints, resulting in a certain amount of spit up but a contented baby.

Then last night (not for the first time but not regular occurence either) he was very grizzly in the evening, cluster fed a couple of times and was still unhappy. Finally he had a big feed at 10ish. He seemed ravenous and if he lost the nipple, got furious. He fed for twice as long as usual but then for the next two hours kept spitting up again and again and was still unsettled.

It seems that if he feeds a lot, most of it comes back up again. I don't know what to do for the best - instinctively I want to let him feed but can you overfeed? Sometimes I hate the fact that I don't know what I am doing (usually at 1am when I can't ask anyone)

likessleep Mon 22-Sep-08 09:38:36

Sounds totally normal and you are doing a fab job.
I think that if they drink too much milk, it does come back up, so I don't think you can overfeed.
It might just be that your DS is cluster feeding now (I remember feeling as though our DS was just sleeping for a few weeks, then suddenly his eyes pinged open and he just wanted feeding .. constantly!)
Or maybe he is having a growth spurt.
Just go with the flow ... if he wants feeding, keep offering the breast. Your body will soon catch up with him wanting more.
As long as he is gaining weight/weeing and pooing, I'd keep doing as you're doing!
Good luck x

arthymum Mon 22-Sep-08 13:16:11

Thanks for your message - it's very reassuring! I know that babies are sick but sometimes it seems like he brings up most of his feed, he's such a greedy boy! He is gaining weight and filling nappies so I need to just stop being a paranoid mum I guess, lol.

likessleep Mon 22-Sep-08 15:29:21

A lot of babies are sicky, but it is totally normal, just their guts maturing.
If you feel that your son is bringing up all of his feed/is in pain, then it may be worth ruling out reflux with doctor. That is accompanied by coughing/gagging, dislike of lying down, arching back, discomfort feeding, regurgitation etc.

LadyPenelope Mon 22-Sep-08 15:39:09

Don't think you can overfeed - they will take what they need and sounds like feedining is going well. To add to what likesleep says, it is worth watching in case it is reflux. My ds had reflux for first 3 or 4 months and it started at around 3 - 4 weeks. He never really brought up a lot of milk (spit ups rather than full on feeds) but he would get distressed and could not settle after feeds - at its worst after 15 mins or so and screamed if he was laid down. It was easily sorted out by GP with some antacid and he matured out of it at about 4 months.

tiktok Mon 22-Sep-08 18:16:35

arthymum - I'm assuming your baby is thriving, and actually babies who do what your baby is doing are often growing really fast.

You can minimise the unsettled sicking up by sticking on one side only during the cluster feeds - that way you don't give your supply an unneeded mega-boost with the consequent fire-hose effect of the let down...which itself can make the baby take huge gulps and more in than he actually needs.

Worth a try?

arthymum Mon 22-Sep-08 21:19:36

Thanks everyone. I did wonder about reflux so will keep a watch on that one. I have the HV round tomorrow so hopefully she will weigh him but he seems to be doing well from what I can judge. He's not been as sick today and much calmer.

Tiktok - I had already stopped offering him second breast as this did make him throw up big time! And that's exactly what happened last night to make him throw up for two hours.

Gosh, so much to learn...

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