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Anyone got experience of tandem feeding?

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Ilovebeingamummy Sun 21-Sep-08 22:35:11

We are ttc number 3 - am on cd32 now and although test -ve so far am 'feeling' pregnant!!

Anywa am still bfeeding 19mth old ds and he shows no signs of wanting to stop (I am happy to carry on at the moment- he feeds morning and night and occasionally if grumpy or tired during day - but not for very long)

Just wondered of anyone had experience of feeding a newborn/baby and toddler? Or being pregnant and feeding?

beanbearer Mon 22-Sep-08 01:03:51

There's a thread started 25th July by TinkerBellesMum called Pregnant and Nursing Support Thread - this could help you out.
From personal experience (DD 2yrs 4mths, DS 3mths) there were some dodgy phases during pregnancy when I just had to grit my teeth but not for too long or I'd have had to force her to wean. Now it's mostly good and feeding them head to head in adjusted rugby holds seems to stave off meltdowns when both need feeding NOW. Hard to say for sure if it's helping ease DD's transition to one of a pair of siblings rather than 'the only one' but I like to think so.

BabiesEverywhere Mon 22-Sep-08 09:29:14

I'm on the thread 'Beanbearer' linked to.

I nursed my DD thoughout my second pregnancy and I'm now tandem nursing her (2 years old) with my 5 week old DS.

This website has some good information on these topics here

Hilary Flower also wrote a book called Adventures in Tandem Nursing (Breastfeeding During Pregnancy and Beyond)

What would you like to know ?

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