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Stuff: BF paranoia

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nickymorris Sun 21-Sep-08 20:22:32

Just having another quick panic.

my 5.5 week DS has been merrily feeding every 2 hours-ish from one boob only each feed until Friday when he's suddenly started wanting both boobs - as a result each one isn't filling up as much between feeds.

And so I think he's hungry - he's taken to asking for milk snacks between meals. He's been fractious today and wouldn't sleep much - but is so tired - his cry sounds knackered.

I've been expressing but don't want to 'use up' the milk I've expressed on everyday meals - want to save it for when I go out and DH is doing the feeds...

Any suggestions for what is going on?

traceybath Sun 21-Sep-08 20:24:36

I would say its growth spurt time - 6 weeks is a classic growth spurt.

I'd say just feed as much as he needs and you're supply will soon catch up.

Also at some point (can't remember when though) i started doing both boobs at each feed.

PeppermintPatty Sun 21-Sep-08 20:24:55

6 weeks is when lots of babies have a big growth spurt and therefore become very hungry.
Don't worry - keep feeding your DS when he is hungry and your milk supply will soon catch up to meet demand.

callmemitey Sun 21-Sep-08 20:26:40

Sounds just like a Growth spurt. He is probably feeding more to build your supply and it will increase the more he feeds. Once the breasts catch up with him he should settle down a bit more.

I would also stop expressing for a day or two - just for your own sanity really. Don't give him any EBM at the minute - let the growth spurt work it's own magic.

nickymorris Sun 21-Sep-08 20:27:28

Crikey - he's going to go off the scales! He was 10.6 at birth and 13.9 at a 4.5 week weigh-in.

OK - will just carry on feeding and not panic. Thanks


IAteDavinaForDinner Sun 21-Sep-08 20:28:07

Try to forget about the notion of "snacks" and "meals". Chances are your little one is having a growth spurt and is trying to crank up your supply by increasing his demand. So probably best not to give any EBM just now and try to feed on demand as much as possible.

From a supply point of view I think it's probably advisable to offer the second breast at every feed anyway. Don't worry about breasts not filling - it's normal for engorgement to reduce a bit at this stage.

If you can feed and feed and feed through this you will probably find he settles down again once the growth spurt is over.

callmemitey Mon 22-Sep-08 20:13:53

nickymorris - don't worry about him going off the scales - you can't over feed a demand fed baby. They only know how to feed through instinct. He will be a scrawny toddler before you know it and you will be wondering how to stop him charging about for long enough to get him to eat grin

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