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Follow up to yesterday's message - DS lost 17% body weight....

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ObsidianBlackbirdMcNight Fri 19-Sep-08 09:46:59

Thanks so much everyone for your support. Boy has fed happily from the cup but not quite as much as they say - 30 - 50mls at a time but it's sending him off for a solid 3 hour sleep each time so I'm happy. Poos are the right colour and frequent
He went on the breast at 1ish between EBM and FM for 20 mins - and slept next to me, finding the breast all by himself at 6ish! First I knew was when I shifted and he yanked my nipple! He has gone on again this morning for 20 mins

Expressing is still a bit crap, no more than 5-10 mls at a time but something must be going right.

MW visiting today so she can check his colour and alterness but he seems fine. I also called labour ward las night after freaking out that he was too drowsy! But they said with a full tummy he will just sleep after being so hungry.

He wasn't preemie, he's opening his mouth fine but it's like he can't be bothered to suck! Hopefully now the milk is flowing better he's finding it easier.

You have all given some great advice and I'll try it all! What seems to be working is swaddling fairly tight and snuggling him in across my belly. Not exactly how they showed me in the hospital but hey. Having him chill out and sleep has made all the difference - not that I slept much last night with expressing and all the faff but DH and I were really happy pottering around him and it was really nice.

Tangle Fri 19-Sep-08 10:20:27

Glad things are looking a bit brighter for you

Something you said reminded me of an article I read about feeding in different positions. Have a look - I don't know whether any more research has been done on this, but it might give you some ideas.

Hope things keep going well for you

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