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Ok, didn't think I be asking this question, but how do I stop BF??

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SparklyGothKat Fri 19-Sep-08 01:24:52

Am still awake as Callum has just had another BF. He has about 4-5 BF a day now, he is 1 next week and I would like to get him down to 2 feeds a day (morning and evening) but how do I do that, when as soon as I pick him up, he throws himself down on his side and pulls at my top?? He enjoys nursing but I think I have done it long enough now.. can he go onto cow milks or should I wait till he is supposed to be 1 (in nov)? I have never fed this long with my others and it was easy to just replace the BF with a bottle, but as he only has the one bottle in the evening I can't see that working with him..

SnoopDog Fri 19-Sep-08 01:31:28

well done for getting this far sgk,

i have no advice,

i am rubbish grin

mamazee Fri 19-Sep-08 01:44:11

distraction i just say things that will break his mission to my breast other than that i don't know ! dummy ?
sorry not much good...hope you have a better night

S1ur Fri 19-Sep-08 01:51:09

Right you need a supply of snacks. Available immediately.

stock up and of he asks you can say oh are you hungry and offer an alternative.

and give loads of cuddles too. obv

And really, distraction helps. go outside into yard/garden/kitchen and look at something.

It is hard but I'm managed cut down during day and am working on night time/morning feed.. good luck.

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