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Is it worth trying to get back to exclusive bf?

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spiderpig Thu 18-Sep-08 17:56:46

Sorry I probably havn't phrased that very well but I was just wondering if it would bring any benefits to my baby if he was excl bf'd again?

He is 14 weeks old, I introduced formula for various reasons at 7 weeks, but he only has perhaps one or two bottles a week.

I found it really helpful for someone else to be able to give him an occasional bottle (I had great difficulty expressing!)but tbh now he goes more than an hour between feeds hmmgrinIt's not so important and I'm happy to do all feeds myself.

So will it make any difference at all if I cut out formula altogether or is the occasional bottle of formula ok?

Oh and in case it's relevant he hasn't had any formula for about two weeks now (does that mean he's already excl bf'd or not??!)

Littlefish Thu 18-Sep-08 18:17:07

If he hasn't had any formula for about 2 weeks, then he's being exclusively breastfed (unles you're feeding him cheeky cheese sandwiches on the side). wink.

spiderpig Thu 18-Sep-08 18:32:10

Thanks littlefish...he's more of a pizza kind of guy though wink grin

ajm200 Thu 18-Sep-08 18:40:58

Definately sounds like you've managed it already as littlefish says. smile

StarlightMcKenzie Thu 18-Sep-08 18:49:31

Message withdrawn

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