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Help! Is this a growth spurt?

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arthymum Thu 18-Sep-08 13:11:42

My little boy will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. So far he has been breastfeeding happily on demand, about every three hours or so, and four hours at night, putting on weight, sleeping lots and filling large amounts of nappies! Then yesterday he started screaming for food every 1-2 hours and woke up every couple of hours in the night for the same. He guzzles frantically, throws some of it up, sleeps for a while and then wakes and starts again. He's obsessed!

Does this sound like a growth spurt? If so, how long do they usually last? My nipples had just about got used to BF and now...ouch...


zwiggy Thu 18-Sep-08 13:16:14

yes probably . my ds seemed to eat all the time sometimes feeding for about an hour and a half then wanting more.

also could be that he has a bit of wind / upset tummy and bf is the only way he can soothe it.

in the beginning this bf is stressful, but in my wise 7 month experience it gets worse.

grin sorry. months 4 to 7 have been the worst for me for constant feedings, incuding every hour in the night.
Try to get to a bf workshop / baby club if there is one near you cos its really useful to hear what everyone else is doing.

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