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Milk blister/bleb/blocked duct problem

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misspollysdolly Wed 17-Sep-08 23:38:25

I had a painful blocked milk duct about 10 days ago which lasted for about 14 hours before it cleared seemingly spontaneously while DS was feeding. Wasn't even aware it had cleared tbh, though it felt residually achey for some time after.

Anyhoo, ??as a result of the blockage? I now have developed a milk blister on my nipple which is painful during feeding and also very sensitive/tender/sometimes painful between feeds. I had one of these with my last baby on the other side and it persisted well after I had stopped feeding him.

Does anyone know a good way to clear these blockages? It's too sore/deep to squeeze and very sensitive all the time. Have taken to wearing a breast pad all the time at the mo.

Any advice welcomed, thanx.

charchargabor Wed 17-Sep-08 23:45:59

Voila! That's a good link with lots of ways of clearing it. I've heard that heat/warm water prior to feeding/pumping are the most effective. Are you still able to feed? As that is the most efficient way of getting rid. Also, try diff positions in case it helps. Hope it gets sorted soon.

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