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Dropping down to 2 feeds per day for 11 mo - reassurance needed!

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cuppachar Wed 17-Sep-08 14:54:41

DD is 11.5 months old and for the past week I've only breastfed her morning and evening, having dropped the middle of the day feed. This is in preparation for starting nursery in 2 weeks' time, but I think she was ready anyway - she didn't seem to take much in the day.

However I feel worried that my milk supply will reduce - I don't feel as "full" as before and she seems to feed for quite a short time.

I know all the "right" answers to this, but am looking for some reassurance from people who have been there! thanks...

RhinestoneCowgirl Wed 17-Sep-08 14:56:37

I dropped down to 2 feeds a day when DS was similar age as going back to work part time. I carried on bf-ing until he was nearly 2, no probs with supply. HTH

cuppachar Wed 17-Sep-08 15:00:52

thanks, and it does help to hear it worked for you. I think I'm being a bit irrational about it, and my feelings are probably mixed up with worrying about starting nursery! I just feel worried she's not getting enough, poor little thing.

LiegeAndLief Wed 17-Sep-08 15:53:07

I did exactly the same as RhinestoneCowgirl - was actually only doing one feed a day from about 15 months and fed with no problems until ds self-weaned just before 2nd birthday.

Good luck with nursery - can be a very worrying time, but I'm sure everything will work out fine smile

AbricotsSecs Wed 17-Sep-08 15:57:02

Message withdrawn

nobodytoldme Wed 17-Sep-08 22:40:28

Can I ask cuppa if you bother giving your dd a formula/cow's milk feed as a replacement? I am about to drop afternoon feed for exactly the same reason with 11 month ds and not sure if I needed to supplement with something else. He is not the biggest baby so I am always a bit paranoid about calories but I am not sure he could be bothered with the whole cup of milk malarkey!

cuppachar Thu 18-Sep-08 11:03:18

nobodytoldme - I haven't given any replacement, because she's allergic to cows milk so it would have to be horrible special formula. Like your DS she's quite small (9th percentile, having started out on 50th) so I'm also paranoid about calories.

She's in nursery now on her 2nd settling in session (just 1 hour). Monday will be the first time she stays for a meal and I'm worried about that as she can be a bit fussy (OK, very fussy! blush), partly because I'm always trying to feed her up so generally only feed her things I know she likes. sad

Sounds like we're in a similar situation! When does your DS start nursery?

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