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Formula and manic baby

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WidgetWB Tue 16-Sep-08 21:42:45

Its a long old story this one, but a very short version is - I put ds3 on Aptimil at 10.30pm bottle for one feed per day. After three or four days there was a rash all over his head and he was getting progressively more alert and almost manic. He wasn't settling at night, waking up screaming for food, rigid, unbendable, frantic tossing of head, scratching his ears, etc etc. The rash went, as did the other symptoms when I stopped formula. I then tried Goats Milk which did the same thing but not to quite the same extent - but I only did it for three days because someone told me it was bad for their kidneys and lacking in vitamins and folic acid and had been banned in this country and US. I would have carried on if it had worked, but it didn't.

We are now totally breast fed again which is fine but he is 11 weeks old and I have two other kids to sort out and get to school etc, and it takes a long time to breast feed him.

There are so many suggestions, omneo comfort, lactose free, pepti junior, I don't know which one to try first.

I was really wondering if anyone has had similar experiences with their baby and if they resolved it?

Please help - I am going round in circles and its taking a long time to sort out as I don't know where I am going. Every time i research one thing or the other it comes up with negatives which makes me doubt my theories. The docs and health visitors are useless, they want me to go to pepti junior which I think is mad as its just assuming he is allergic to cows milk which may not be the problem.

I can't cope with my baby being so frantic when he is usually so calm and smiley and lovely!

primigravida Wed 17-Sep-08 00:03:09

Try Hipp Organic or Babynat as they have less nasty additives than other formulas and apparently result in less reactions if you're sure you want to use formula. IME breast-feeding gets quicker and easier as time goes on. BTW don't worr about the goat formula, it's legal in NZ and doesn't seem to cause any problems but you don't want to use normal goat's milk. HTH

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