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Baby HATES milk!! Help!!!

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Sadie2008 Tue 16-Sep-08 19:12:30

He fights every single formula feed, he hates it! He constantly takes his head away and cries, i have to make a lot of noise and jig up up and down to get him to take it! Once he's latched on, after a minute or two he stops fighting and drinks but its such a fight and very stressful! Not to mention embarrassing!! Also i am the only one who can feed him too!! So thats stressful too!! He is also very constipated!! Have to use suppositorys after 72hrs of no poop or he stops eating and drinking altogether!! Have tried different teats, etc, no joy. He takes his water from the same bottles no problems. His milk has been changed from SMA Gold to Aptamil easy digest to normal Aptamil with a thickener and back to Aptamil easy digest. He is 18wks tomorrow, and i have tried Dr browns bottles, I am now using Avent bottles.
I have been to the doctors about it and they say some babies just need distracting! Which i dont agree with, and then was prescibed suppositorys! I have seen 3 different docs about it too! It driving me nuts! Feel like going down there and making them feed him!!
Its embarrasing because i cant feed him in public. Its driving me INSANE!! I cant possibly feed him in public and it stresses us both out! And my partner because he wont take it from him at all!! Any ideas????????

Megglevache Tue 16-Sep-08 20:25:29

Hmm I feel your pain as DD was the same but at a much younger age. i felt like such an utter failure.

Infant gaviscon really helped her, poor thing had awful reflux, I also really experimented with bottles. We stuck with the Dr Browns and found when she was very young that a quicker flow teat helped then strangely a less flow- when she was older.

Does he have water at all? Not to replace his milk but because he sounds a bit dehydrated? Have you considered perhaps a more gentle feed? Could he be lactose imtolerant? What are his poos like.

Sorry to ask so much, it really is quite soul destrying isn't it? I used to envy mums with babies who just seemed to guzzle happily.


Both my dc were like this and so far they weaned beautifully especially ds who is strapping now grin

Sadie2008 Tue 16-Sep-08 20:46:50

He has been doing it since birth on and off and then solidly since 8weeks old!! It is so soul destroying! And i do envy mums who have no problems like this!! Yeah he take between 3 and 5oz of water a day on top of his milk which has a little extra water in it too (advised by docs to sort poo out!). Poo? What poo?! Docs gave me suppositorys, i give them to him every 72hours or he stops eating and drinking altogether! Also am putting lactulose in his milk twice a day - also precribed by docs! Aptamil Easy digest is supposed to be gentler, but i just dont know anymore!! x x

Megglevache Tue 16-Sep-08 20:50:52

Oh god. How crappy.

Look have you hear dof enfamil? can you talk to your HV about it? What does he do? gag?

Could it now be his teething? DD started to teethe at 9 weeks, on top of the reflux, oh man, I was so stressed out.

I really hope you can sort this out but remember that when he is 6 months you can start to wean (such a relief for me both times if I am honest)

I don't normally do the hugging things so I will give you a manly punch on the arm instead, ok? grin

Megglevache Tue 16-Sep-08 20:53:53

Ds started on this here but had to enevntually go onto neocate which solved alot of probs but I had to wean early on my HV's advice.

Is your HV good?

Don't carry on like this, I'd keep bothering the doctors.

Sadie2008 Tue 16-Sep-08 21:02:58

Have heard of enfamil, my friend has just been prescriced it for her little one as he was gaggin N puking. But mine.. he just screams, pushes the teat out with his tongue, or the bottle away from his face if he can get at it!! So just have to jig my knees up and down and whistle or sing or make stupid noises til he finally latches on and starts to take it! Although he does do some sicky stuff, but doc says thats normal, but it smells so acidy! Doc said i can wean from 17wks so have started, but only with baby porridge gluten free for a few days then maybe some fruit N veg. I am at my wits end!!

Megglevache Tue 16-Sep-08 21:08:58

Please don't wean him yet grin

Ask/insist on seeing your doc and mention the gaviscon. It made such a difference to us.

Good luck grin

thisisyesterday Tue 16-Sep-08 21:11:20

sadie it could be a milk allergy. you could request him to be tested for it.

MERLYPUSS Tue 16-Sep-08 21:26:37

Sounds like silent reflux to me. We had DT1 on gaviscon but it gave him horrendous constipation so beware if they suggest that. Ask for Ranitadine instead which prevents the production of stomach acid rather than neutralising it. The smelly breath is a give awy in my book.

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