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what's wrong with him??? tiktok? anyone?

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starlover Thu 24-Feb-05 17:22:42

ok, so ds finally got the hang of this whole breastfeeding lark and has been doing great at it for well over a week now.
until yesterday night. he had a feed at about 10. he usually then wakes at 2 and 6. but i woke up at 3am with boobs feeling like they were about to pop, and not a whisper from him. i eventually woke him to feed him cos i felt so full.
he woke again at 9 and had a big feed and then slept for another 6 hours, when i woke him again for a feed. he fell asleep again and then woke at 9ish for another feed (after another 6 hour sleep).
This time he fed from one side, had a nappy change, and was still hungry for more, rooting around etc but wouldn't feed. I tried him on both sides, but he just kept rooting around, and when he latched on he would have a quick suck and spit it out. he got so upset that I had to get dp to take him away and try and calm him down. after about 2 hours he finally gave in and finished his feed.
last night he slept til 4am. had a nice feed then, but was still difficult to settle.
all his feeds today have been the same... he will have some and then refuse more even though he is obviously still hungry.

do you think he is ill? he has gone from getting into a nice routine of feeding every 4 hours to one where he sleeps for 6 hours (or more) and then is very difficult to feed....
is this normal?

bundle Thu 24-Feb-05 17:25:49

if your boobs were v full it could be overwhelming him. have you tried expressing a little (just by hand) before you pop him on? my dd1 slept for england too, and i had to wake her for feeds

NotQuiteCockney Thu 24-Feb-05 17:26:13

How old is your DS?

He might be fighting off a bug? He might have a sore throat?

Have you changed your diet? Or is there anything that could be changing the taste of your milk?

It may well be just one of those things.

tortoiseshell Thu 24-Feb-05 17:28:40

He could be feeling a bit under the weather, or you could try waking him after 4 hours and making him feed. It is utterly normal though for a baby to wait till you think you've got the measure of them and then change overnight!

starlover Thu 24-Feb-05 17:31:30

right now boobs aren't too full... so don't think it's that.
he is nearly 3 weeks old.
i don't know what to do with him because he won't stop screaming.
i can't think of anything i've eaten that would cause problems... and he has had a couple of ok feeds

NotQuiteCockney Thu 24-Feb-05 17:33:31

Right now, he's screaming? When did he last sleep?

I know both of my sons have got into a bad state where they were hungry and tired, wouldn't eat coz too tired, wouldn't sleep coz too hungry/only slept on boob.

The only way out I found was to take them out for a walk or drive or whatever, so they could sleep for 45 minutes, to reset them, if you see what I mean.

(With babies, often "why" just isn't worth getting into. Work on "how to fix it".)

starlover Thu 24-Feb-05 17:36:02

he's been asleep all afternoon, i woke him for a feed cos he'd been asleep for over 6 hours.
he had a bit from one side and then stopped and i changed his nappy.
He then started rooting around and wanting more so i offered him the other side and he just started crying and moving his head from side to side. He will suck like mad on my finger or on his dummy and then get cross, but he won't take the boob! he will have a quick suck and then spit it out.
i am sure he is still hungry, because he normally falls asleep after a feed. he seems like he wants more... he just won't have it

NotQuiteCockney Thu 24-Feb-05 17:43:13

Weird. I don't think I'd let one this small go 6 hours during the day. (Actually, I don't even let my 5-month-old go 6 hours during the day!)

Does he seem generally well? Does he get brief periods of alert happy time?

Is he jaundiced?

Is he weeing and pooing well?

It might be a bug, it might be his tummy bothering him? I think DS2 went through a phase of struggling with pooing or gas at around this age.

At three weeks, you're still establishing breastfeeding, really, and this might be just one of those things. One guarantee with kids, whatever they're doing, whether it's good or bad, they'll stop doing it at some point!

starlover Thu 24-Feb-05 17:50:48

that's what my mum said (re the 6 hours thing)... as i say, he was settling into a nice routine of feeding every 4 hours until yesterday!
i feel bad waking him, and he takes forever to wake up properly... was worried because a friend of mine has a little boy who had meningitis and the only symptom he had was sleepiness
normally he has periods when he is happy and awake... but yesterday and today he has either been asleep, feeding, or crying.
have had plenty of wet nappies, although his last poo-ey one was very sticky and usually they are quite wet and runny.

we do think he may have reflux, but my gp just keeps fobbing me off like i'm just some neurotic mother. i think maybe it is his tummy hurting him because he doesn't bring his wind up very well... he's on infacol at the mo before every feed

NotQuiteCockney Thu 24-Feb-05 18:07:01

I don't know, starlover. Maybe take him to the GP tomorrow if he's still out of sorts?

He's obviously still getting some milk, otherwise he wouldn't be weeing, and you'd be wanting to explode.

He might just be fighting off a bug. It sounds very hard for you (and him!).

chipmonkey Thu 24-Feb-05 18:09:19

starlover, could he have thrush in his mouth, that would make feeding v. uncomfy even though he could be ravenous

starlover Thu 24-Feb-05 18:10:13

the health visitor is visiting tomorrow so i'll have a talk to her. he is awake and reasonably happy now (calmed down in cot with dummy). think ill statr waking him every 4 hours to see if i can get him back into a routine of sorts!

starlover Thu 24-Feb-05 18:11:13

how would i tell if it was thrush? his mouth looks normal i think...

chipmonkey Thu 24-Feb-05 18:15:01

Little white patches on the inside of his cheeks and on his tongue. If his tongue is white all over, thats just milk!

chipmonkey Thu 24-Feb-05 18:20:15

Another thing, if your milk is letting down too quickly, he could be overwhelmed by the fast flow and unable to cope with it. If you express off a little before you start, esp if your boobs feel v. full, that might help

chipmonkey Thu 24-Feb-05 18:30:19

And another thing ( while I'm on a roll!) my DS1 used to scream and pull away from the breast. Finally figured out that feeding him made him need to poo. So, after he poo'ed he'd feed fine again.

HappyMumof2 Thu 24-Feb-05 18:43:14

Message withdrawn

tiktok Thu 24-Feb-05 20:31:43

star, you are right to be concerned.....can you tell me more about him? Weight? Wees and poos? Was bf difficult at first?

This is unusual in a three week old. 6 hour sleeps are not good for a baby of this age, and the distressed behaviour is concerning too.

Don't be scared to call the GP or the midwife, if you think the GP is useless...the maternity unit where you had him would take your call. To be honest, I am wanting you to rule out dehydration.

tiktok Thu 24-Feb-05 20:38:26

star, I have read your previous posts and refreshed my memory of what went on in the early days and weeks - you got over a really difficult start

There is nothing in those previous posts about his weight and his poos, though....would be helpful to know what the situation has been, and is now.

starlover Thu 24-Feb-05 20:54:24

he was 9lb 1 at birth, fell to 8lb 13 but was back up to 9lb 2 the last time he was weighed. which was last friday.
he has been wee'ing and poo'ing fine.. although today he hasn't done very much poo and it has been much much thicker, and sticky.
if it was meningitis would it have worsened more suddenly? he does have cold hands and feet as well. and he often throws his head back, which we thought may be a sign of reflux.
should i take him to the hospital?

tiktok Thu 24-Feb-05 21:04:58

I can't comment on the meningitis - not a doctor or health prof. Ideally, we'd be looking for several poos a day - at least 2 and ideally more. Cold hands and feet and throwing head back can be normal. His weight gain is slow - is that four ounces in 2 weeks? - but nothing to be too worried about in a baby who is otherwise well, and he did have a slow would be a good idea for the HV to weigh him tomorrow, even so.

Star, if you are worried, call the maternity unit. Don't be shy about this, Taking him to A&E risks you being seen by someone who is not expert in the ways and needs of little babies, but someone on the maternity unit can speak to you and get a far better picture and hopefully reassure you that seeing the HV tomorrow is soon enough. If the mat unit thinks he needs to be seen, then you will be advised to come in. You are still well within the limit for midwifery care

HappyMumof2 Thu 24-Feb-05 21:09:12

Message withdrawn

HappyMumof2 Thu 24-Feb-05 21:10:18

Message withdrawn

starlover Fri 25-Feb-05 08:59:21

i think his crying has been normal... but to be honest he hardly ever cries like this so i'm not sure. he normally just grizzles a bit and has the odd wail here and there.

he was a bit better last night... woke at his normal times of 2am and 6am... waiting to see if he is up again at 10!

tiktok Fri 25-Feb-05 09:44:48

That's very reassuring, starlover...if he was really poorly he would have got worse. It's good the HV is coming today and she should weigh him to get the whole picture of how he is.

I am away this weekend, and won't be able to respond to anything posted here but there are others who will

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