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Growth spurt when introducing solids advice please

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charitas Tue 16-Sep-08 07:55:20

Piglet has decided to grow again bang on 6mnths fed on the hour every hour yesterday and woke four times last night. ( had just been waking once) I gave him some porrige and banana for breakfast and a banana late afternoon. He is very fond of bananas and will stop crying if you pass him one to hold. However as the food has less calories than bm is there any point in offering it durring a growth spurt or should I just carry on offering food as I was Planning to. Last night had planned roast veggies but was so tired told dp to forage for himself and had sandwich when piglet eventually settled.Would also like to know why he is full of beans and rolling around the floor like a loon whilst I am tired on approximately the same ammount of sleep!

Habbibu Tue 16-Sep-08 14:47:56

Um - I'd just offer a bit of food, but up the milk feeds if you can. You have my sympathy over the 6mo growth spurt. I will never be smug over a "good sleeper" again, after dd's went to pot...

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