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Mirena and breastfeeding

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fadingfast Mon 15-Sep-08 22:27:28

With apologies for the very personal question, but does anyone out there have a mirena coil fitted and still breastfeeding?

Am thinking of getting one but read that it could potentially affect breastfeeding due to the hormones. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience of this?

Niecie Tue 16-Sep-08 03:36:20

I had one when DS2 was 6 weeks old specifically because I was told that they don't have an impact on bf. They have progesterone in them like the mini pill which is also supposed to be compatible with bf. The amount of hormones in the Mirena are much less than in the mini pill too.

I had not troubles with bf at all and carried on until DS was 16mths old.

leothelioness Tue 16-Sep-08 06:33:53

I had a mirena fitted but I was bf my toddler not a baby whihc I continued to do for about 2 months after whihc we weaned. It did not seem to have any effect on breast milk.

cmotdibbler Tue 16-Sep-08 09:21:25

I had my Mirena fitted when DS was 12 weeks old and fed till he was 23 months old.

As Niecie said, its the same hormones as the minipill, but at much lower levels in your bloodstream. Docs at the FPC said that it was the best contraception with breastfeeding if you wanted something long term.

chloeb2002 Wed 17-Sep-08 03:34:46

ditto.. have mirena and bf. no problems....

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