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2 week old being very sick after eating.please help.

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bootus Mon 15-Sep-08 21:54:58

Hi, LO is on expressed milk and formula, nearly every time he takes a bottle he is quite violently sick, he does'nt appear distressed by it but it literally goes EVERYWHERE and it is definitely not normal posseting. Now and then he keeps a feed down and is wetting nappies and putting weight on but it is very disheartening and upsetting for me and DP when literally the whole feed comes up and we are going through a vicious cycle of him being hungry again immediately and obviously we don't want to overfeed the wee thing. I'm concerned its reflux but don't want to 'google' diagnose. Has anyone any advice...any particular bottle/formula/anything.... I'm very upset about it and have docs appt in couplea days.Thanks.

myermay Mon 15-Sep-08 21:56:13

maybe have him checked for reflux?

fairibell Mon 15-Sep-08 22:09:56

does he do it with breast milk on its own? or just formula? if it is just hte formula or much worse when formula it could be lactose intolerance (for this you can get colief over the counter (is quite ££) which effectively removed the lactose from the milk - saying that it made our daugher sick!)or milk protien allergy (can get special milk prescribed for both of these! - but I would go down the reflux route first (they will probably give you infant gaviscon to add to the milk, but can also prescibe other medication! They usually grow out of this! - call you health visitor (if can't see GP) ours were fab and it can be easily sorted if one of these things! best to get checked out sooner rather than later though! if you call GP and day need an appointment for such a young baby you should get one that day (our surgery treats all babies as priority and will see them at end of surgery!)
good luck and try not to worry, but do call GP int he morning and see them tomorrow (will help just to know all is ok!)

Kaybeeand2boys Mon 15-Sep-08 22:14:58

I agree it sounds like reflux, ds1 had it and ds2 has it also! Hope you manage to get an apt sooner as it will put your mind at rest.

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