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Stopped breastfeeding for a week but breasts sore and leaking

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Pammi Mon 15-Sep-08 14:34:22

I stopped breastfeeding my 13 months old DD a week ago and today my breasts are sore and leaking. DD still wants breast although will take cow's milk from a cup, albeit reluctantly. Could I just start breastfeeding her when she wakes up at night again (only once usually) and if I do, will it be like starting again, (engorgement, mastitis, etc?) I think I would like to, as DD is not really ready to stop completely, but am not kean to go through all that again.

EyesWideShut Mon 15-Sep-08 14:55:28

I dont think it will be like starting over, I fed my dd for 12 months, then it didnt hurt at all to stop as she was winding down to 2 and then only 1 feed a day, my boobs just adapted.

I say do it, as it is so good for both of you, if you dont mind

Pammi Mon 15-Sep-08 15:11:50

At the time of stopping, I was already down to one feed a day so I'm surprised I still have so much milk! My son self-weaned at just before 12 months and my milk supply seemed to stop immediately. Could it be because my son wasn't very "cuddly" but my daughter is, just cuddling with her seems to activate my let-down reflex and there doesn't seem to be any way round that!

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