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Milk and solids for 7.5 month old

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cupcakesinthesnow Mon 15-Sep-08 13:13:42


My friend has a 7 and a half month old baby and has been told by her heath visitor to cut own the amounbt of milk she takes in order for her to eat more solids. My friend has become rather stressed at this as her baby prefers milk to solids and is finding feeding times a bit stressful.

Having 2 children myself I have told her that she should not worry and that milk should be the main source of nutrition at this age and her baby is getting far more in the way of nutrition from milk than she would be from a few spoons full of pureed carrot and that her heath visitor was wrong to incinuate that she should be depriving her of milk in order for her to be 'hungry enough' to eat more solids.

I would be grateful if someone could verify that I am right as although I am sure of what I have told her, I really do not want to be giving her the wrong advice.

I have told her that her dd is refusing solids as she may not be ready and when she is ready she will eat more on her own accord. I even suggested she stop attempting to give solids for a couple of days in order to renew her dd's interest in solids as opposed to trying to feed her and getting worried and upset when she seems uninterested and refuses the food. I have tried to reassure her that soon enough her dd will be trying to grab food from her own plate.

Her dd is healthy and was breastfed for about 4 months and has been on formula there after.

There have been other areas where her HV has given her (imo) dubious advice which resulted in her giving up breastfeeding earlier than she had intended. If I am wrong please do tell me but (as things may have changed since I had my youngest 6 years ago!) but I would like to be able to carry on being a sympathetic ear and continue to give her advice from my own experience but not if I am totally wrong on the fact!


Housemum Mon 15-Sep-08 19:03:43

As far as i know transition is gradual so go at baby's pace. DD3 is 8 mths and has v small appetite but she does eat and is growing so no need to worry. She should continue to offer solids but not force it - and offer milk first to begin with rather than try to force food first - perhaps do 2 small bottles so not trying to take away before empty? Bottle - food - bottle? And look at baby led weaning sites/chat for finger food ideas - maybe her dd wants to do it herself? Mine prefers things she can pick up herself.

lulumama Mon 15-Sep-08 19:05:38

milk is still the main source of nutrition for the first year and milk feeds should be dropped at the baby's pace.

food is for fun until you are one!

and milk offered before food

don;t deprive a baby of milk, the amount of solids they can take is not as filling as milk

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