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How do I increase milk supply?

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Nezzi Mon 15-Sep-08 10:08:34

Hello all

I've been having serious problems getting my baby (almost 3 weeks old) to BF. Basically he won't latch on (never has) and I have quite flat nipples so it makes it more difficult for us. I've spoken to BF counsellors etc but I'm still having no luck.
He is being bottle fed on formula and I am trying to express too so he gets some breast milk, my question is, how can I increase my milk supply?
I seem to be getting less milk each time I express and this is really distressing for me. I have an electric pump.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

MrsJamin Mon 15-Sep-08 10:36:30

Oh you need my sis GordonTheGopher to give you some advice, she pumped for 1 year as she had similar latch problems - I'll send her this thread so she comes here.

ajm200 Mon 15-Sep-08 10:38:11

Bumping this for you.

I had terrible problems pumping but no trouble BFing so can't help/

Nezzi Mon 15-Sep-08 10:58:12

thank you.
Hope gordonthegopher can help me.

throckenholt Mon 15-Sep-08 10:59:24

fenugreek capsules help (I used them when I was expressing) - you can get them online from holland and barrett

throckenholt Mon 15-Sep-08 11:00:16

by the way - it took a month for my first to latch so keep trying.

wzmo Mon 15-Sep-08 17:52:55

with the fenugreek you should smell like maple syrup or you are not taking enough your armpits and pee

GordonTheGopher Mon 15-Sep-08 18:18:50

Hi there! If you can at all, try to bf. It's much much easier than expressing. But I have been there with the flat nipples and know how hard and painful it is.

I think you need to decide whether or not you're going to be committed to pumping, as it is a commitment. You'll need to get a double pump (some hospitals lend them out or you can hire one). Pump every two hours during the day for 10-15 min, and at least once at night. I used to pump at 2am when apparently your hormones are highest.

It's the number of times you pump that will increase your supply, not the length of time you pump. And it takes about a week for your supply to catch up with your pumping so don't worry if you get nothing for a few days - it will increase.

Let me know if you need any more help.

Nezzi Mon 15-Sep-08 18:36:37

Mmm, maple syrup. I'll look in to that, is it safe?

Hello Gordon; I really do want my LO to have breast milk so I'm willing to pump. I've tried to get him to breastfeed but he won't latch on. I'm going to see another advisor in a couple of days to try again but it's so distressing seeing him cry the way he does...
I have a double pump but I can't do both boobs at the same time so rather than take me 10-15 mins it takes me half an hour which really eats in to the time I need for other things, especially if I need to do it every 2 hours!!
It's a relief to know that my supply will increase. I've been told by midwives that I've more or less "had it". Do you have one of those attractive pumping bras that lets you go hands free? Is it worth getting one?
Thanks so much for your advice.

GreenMonkies Mon 15-Sep-08 18:47:32

Nezzi, have you tried a biological nurturing position (see here too) to see if he'll latch that way?

Would an SNS work may be?

You're doing really well to carry on pumping. Hope the new BFC can help you, is there an LLL group near you?

GordonTheGopher Mon 15-Sep-08 18:52:32

Why can you only do one at a time?

You can buy expressing bras (hysterical picture I know!) - mine just used to stick on - had them on the highest suction! You could also cut holes out of an old bra.

I really didn't go out for the first 6 months. Once you get past 12 weeks you can decrease the number of times you pump - but decrease very slowly, too quick and your supply will disappear.

I'm glad I did it but I also think I was a bit bonkers. I think if dh didn't have as many allergies as he did I would have just given formula. I'm really hoping I'll be able to bf the next one.

Good luck.

Nezzi Mon 15-Sep-08 20:51:06

GreenMonkies, I tried the biological nurturing position a few times and each time my LO fell asleep, when he woke up he wanted feeding and he wasn't about to wait to latch on, just screamed the house down! I've not seen the SNS system before and to be honest, it looks like another system to come along and torture me into failure sad

Gordon, I tried doing 2 at a time but they kept falling off, I will try again as I was stressed at the time. Those bras are terrible, I did try cutting holes in to an old one of mine but it didn't work very well. I'll try again tomorrow, if I try at 2am I could send myself over the edge wink I don't know if I have your dedication Gordon, but I would agree that BF does drive a lot of us bonkers.

I've just managed to express 40mls in 20 minutes so I feel a bit better now.

Thank you all smile

wzmo Tue 16-Sep-08 00:43:52

yup maple syrup i actually talked to the lactation nurse today since i had some questions about my LO and then i have a DF who is having some issues with low supply and it is really making her up set and the lac. nurse { who is amazing, and been at this for awhile} said that it is safe and on the bottle it says take 1-2 and she said take 2-3 and you should smell of maple syrup weird i know!!!! also weird but have heard it is true is the hops in beer is good for milk supply, so 1 bottle of beer every other night is good. Well any way good luck!!!

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