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How long do growth spurts last?

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littlemisss Mon 15-Sep-08 08:54:31

I'm guessing dd (20 wks and ebf) is going through the 4 month growth suprt. She has gone from feeding 3 hourly through the day and sleeping from 7 until 5ish to feeding every 2 hours and waking at least twice through the night for feeds.

I'm knackered and want to know that this will be over soon. I'm dreading responses that say this is how it will be until I wean her. If so, I reckon she will be getting solids before 26 weeks. I'm thinking 23 is more realistic. Do many people really wait until 26 weeks?

chloeb2002 Wed 17-Sep-08 03:42:28

BLIMEY im impressed she slept from 7pm till 5 am! wow. DS has only just mangaged to sleep from 9pm till 2.30am.... thats been a record for him.. think growth spurts just like sleep are individual. maybe just a growing phase, sure it will pass. DS is 21 weeks now and i have started him on baby rice, hence the (long) sleep. hmm i remebre from dd who is nearly 6 years old now that startin g solids didnt mean a great differnce in sleep. she still woke once a night.
hey ho they are individuals so i will promise you you will survive! they do grow up and dd now sleeps all night....

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