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9mo will only BF in our bed

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Liz79 Sun 14-Sep-08 22:34:41

Says it all. DD will not BF unless we are sitting in our bed. This means she won't BF if we are out. Mostly because she wants to be put down so she can play and see whats going on. We experimented today at a friends DS's birthday party and gave her a little EBM in a cup. She took it happily but I know she wouldn't have BF had I tried.

This means if I want to go out to all of our activities which we enjoy, I am going to have to express 7 cups a week. I am already expressing each evening to stock the freezer for when I go back to work. What shall I do? I do need to work out what is the right amount to put in the cup, btw. Hopefully I can express more in one sitting than she takes for one feed.

Liz79 Mon 15-Sep-08 18:33:44

any tips?

Shooflypie Tue 16-Sep-08 09:48:02

Liz, you could try the following: DS had a patch of doing this and it was really inconvenient. I took him to bed for the day and did skin to skin.
I saw an improvement the next day and 2 days after that he was feeding 'normally' again - ie not just lying down in our bed.
He is still pretty distractible but it helps if I can feed him in a quieter room or even put a blanket over his head.

pudding25 Tue 16-Sep-08 11:41:35

I don't feed dd when I am out unless it is at someone's house as she is very easily distracted, goes on and off all the time, looking around. Even at a friend's house, I often go into another room where it is quiet.

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