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dieting and bf - did it affects dc's poo?

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kayjayel Sun 14-Sep-08 16:33:28

I'm really pleased I've managed to diet since having dd 12 wks ago, but she only seems to poo once a week. I also think I'm noticing a pattern where when I've been stricter she poos less, while on a bad diet week its more frequent. She;s putting on weight fine, not unduly stressed by constipation. Poos are epic when they come but the right colour. Just so infrequent that I'm very out of practice at changing dirty nappies and end up in a huge mess!

Am I making this up or has anyone else noticed it?

tiktok Sun 14-Sep-08 18:27:58

There is no obvious way this could be anything other than a coincidence, kay - the calories you take in have no effect on your milk, and therefore no effect on your baby's gut.

kayjayel Sun 14-Sep-08 20:26:00

Okay - I'll relax! I've had lots of negative comments about dieting while breastfeeding, so its made me a bit on the look out for problems. I'm also stubbornly refusing to give her orange juice (recommended by lots of friends/HV) having seen your advice to others before on 'constipated' bf babies! Thanks for replying smile

what kind of dieting are you doing?

kayjayel Mon 15-Sep-08 10:53:18

Just WW. I started off with weekends 'off' diet to ease into it, now I just have one treat a week (like lots of bread and butter, or fish and chips, or a cake). So I've only been pretty strict the last few weeks - it took a while to break the 3 year habit of biscuits/cake! I have tons of points - about 34, so it doesn't feel too bad. Plus I try to get in about 8 fruit/veg. That sounds saintly doesn't it!

wastingmyeducation Mon 15-Sep-08 12:01:17

I've just signed up to WW!
Are you eating more dairy when you're being strict? eg yoghurt, cottage cheese?


kayjayel Mon 15-Sep-08 12:23:58

Hi wasting! I'm doing it on my own, in that I have the stuff from ages ago and am just using the calculator to work out food points. I think all that changes is that I eat less cheese, less fat, less carbs and many more veg!

Good luck with it - its the only diet that ever worked for me. I've lost 22pounds in 10 weeks so far! Unfortunately there's another at least 20 pounds to go sad. Hope you get on with it okay!

i know when i did slimming world when breastfeeding i got loads of 'healthy extras'-more cheese, more carbs etc.
it is approved by the rcm too.

i would be very careful.

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