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How to explain breast is ONLY for new baby?????

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Lua Wed 23-Feb-05 21:30:47

Ok, I breastfed DD for 16 months. She has been weaned (sp?) for 10 months now. But when she saw a picture of a new baby breastfeeding she got very interested... How to explain to her that is off limits to her??

zippy539 Wed 23-Feb-05 21:50:56

Lua - awww! No bright solutions as both mine were bottle babies. But bumping for you cause someone will know!

colditzmum Wed 23-Feb-05 21:57:25

What sort of treats does she get? You could explain that babies don't get (specific treat), and because she is a big girl, who has a cup, she does get (specific treat)!

Lua Wed 23-Feb-05 22:14:04

Its a good idea colditzmum!
however, things are a bit more complicated and embarassing ....
She is really interested on my breasts. She likes touching it and talking about it. I am not bashful, and try not to get too freaked out about, but it does make me a bit uneasy... When she saw the picture of the baby, she pulled my shirt up and decided to give it a try... I explained that there was no milk until baby comes... She seemed Ok with that. But I am really worried what will happen when the baby is actually here... I am afraid she will make me feel unconfortable about bf the baby, so I am trying to work on it ahead of time...

colditzmum Wed 23-Feb-05 22:17:05

Would you be averse to telling her that baby needs it all or baby might get poorly? Or just letting her try it, cos she is probably used to other drinks now, and might not like it?

sansouci Wed 23-Feb-05 22:23:41

Lua, to be perfectly honest, when 3 yr old dd saw me bfing newborn ds, she asked if she could have some also. Trying gamely to hide my shock & squeamishness from her, I let her "have a go" and hoped that her curiousity & envy would be satisfied. She had one taste, pulled a face and *that was the end of it*. .

moondog Wed 23-Feb-05 22:27:20

If you act shocked, it really could make her think there is something weird/strange about boobs and b/feeding.
My dd (4) occasionally asks for a go when I b/feed d/s. I just let her! She just purses her lips around the nipple (think she's forgotten how to do it!) but the other day she did suck and judging by the look of horror/shock/amazement on her face, got a mouthful of milk. I really laughed and so did she!!

Clayhead Wed 23-Feb-05 22:28:27

sansouci - snap. dd was only 2 though. Just let her try and she never asked again, just bf her dolls when I fed ds instead .

sansouci Wed 23-Feb-05 22:31:27

I did ask dh to taste my breastmilk but he refused, the coward! (Or maybe it was disgust... altho the size of those mamas would've put anyone off!) Even poor ds almost asphyxiated himself on them.

Clayhead Wed 23-Feb-05 22:33:02

Tee-hee. my mum used to shout, 'Where's his face, I can't see his nose, how can he breathe?' when I was feeding ds...good job I'm the easy going type

moondog Wed 23-Feb-05 22:40:45

clayhead, lol!
Someone on another thread said they'd made a big mug of hot chocolate with the EBM the baby had refused. Someone else put EBM in her builders' tea when she ran out of the cows' stuff!!!

ninja Wed 23-Feb-05 22:45:47

I've just stopped feeding my dd (21 months) so she tries to pull the nipple up to my mouth (as it's now mine!) suggests daddy feeds or makes me feed her dolls! She's still obsessed with my breasts but has got the idea that they're not for her any more

sansouci Wed 23-Feb-05 22:46:52

Builder's tea! ROFL! Great idea... especially if you tell them afterwards in a blasé sort way and watch their reactions. Bliss!

sansouci Wed 23-Feb-05 22:48:14

or "More tea, vicar?"

Lua Wed 23-Feb-05 23:07:20

You are all probably right. I shouldn't freak out... I tried myself first time around. But something change after I weaned her...
I think when she was a tiny baby I didn't stop to think about it. Its all so natural and beautiful... But oncea toddler starts playing with my breast the whole thing just felt wrong
Hopefully by the time new baby come around, I have gottn over the weirdness of it and feel cool about it again!

NotQuiteCockney Thu 24-Feb-05 07:47:51

I weaned my DS1 at 18 months, and had DS2 when he was 3. He was definately still a bit interested, and I decided that if he chose to feed, then fine. I'd rather he fed, than that he feel left out and tantrum.

And, probably because I decided to relax my initial "NO!" position, he never really tried, and has been fine about the baby feeding.

He is still interested in boobs, though - he's learned not to touch, as they were too sensitive in pregnancy, but he loves "sleepy boob", which is when he presses his ear to a (clothed) nipple. He calls it "beeping the boob". I have no idea what this is about.

At least I don't have to provide "sleepy chest", which is DH's equivalent. It involves sticking an arm in and having a good rummage. Whenever DS1 is getting comfortable with another adult man, he tries to do the same thing.

Prufrock Thu 24-Feb-05 08:03:19

My dd was 2 when her brother was born and despite havong been weaned for a year did have a half hearted attempt to pck up my boob and out it in her mouth. I just told her that she was a big girl who had "blue" milk (ie full fat) and that "mummy milk" was only for babies. She has been fine with this.

Pollyanna Thu 24-Feb-05 09:03:46

Lua, I agree with some of the other posts - just let her try (if you can face it!) - she will lose interest quite quickly after that ime.

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