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nursing and anti-bodies??

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anonymxxx Fri 12-Sep-08 06:35:51

So which kind of antibodies does DS get through BF? Is it just ones for bacteria or also viral infections? DS has started nursery and one of the children is always sick. Is it best, if I am exposed to all the colds, then fight them (hopefully) and the BF son, so he is "immunised"? And if I catch a cold, I do not pass the virus to him through the milk, do I?

thegirlwiththecurl Fri 12-Sep-08 06:51:59

I don't know exactly what antibodies you pass through milk, but I know you don't pass the virus itself throught your milk. However, you obviously could pass it to your baby through airbourne contact etc. If your ds is going to nursery, he will pick up bugs, bf or not and there are so many different strains of the cold virus, it would nigh on impossible to build resistance to them all, unfortunately However, recent research shows that sending your child to nursery and exposing them to bugs can reduce their risk of other more serious illnesses such as leukaemia. I guess, what I am trying to say is, whatever you do, your ds prob will pick up bugs at nursery, unfortunately. And if he is in nursery cos you are back at work, I wouldn't recommened trying to get yourself ill as not only do you risk passing it onto your ds but you many have to have time off and its hard looking after a little un whilst ill!!

charchargabor Fri 12-Sep-08 08:17:24

When you breastfeed your baby and he is exposed to a virus, your body starts to produce antibodies which are secreted in the milk. This works the same if you are exposed to a virus. You can't pass the virus through the milk.

likessleep Fri 12-Sep-08 08:56:24

I recently had a bad cold, so did DH and my parents. DS didn't get it (yay!).
So I thought it was that antibodies you've built up, you pass to your LO?

StormInanEcup Fri 12-Sep-08 09:17:55

Message withdrawn

anonymxxx Sun 14-Sep-08 05:05:10

Thanks very much for your replies. This is what I thought, but wanted to double-check. Yes, I realise DS will get colds from nursery and that he will pass them on to me, but if I can help a little by giving him anti-bodies, it's a little better. He recently came down with his first ear-infection and I hope he won't pick up a severe cold in the next month, so that there will be no re-oncurrance. Thanks!

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