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Cheaper formula at clinics?

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Lib76 Thu 11-Sep-08 07:12:33

just read this link on money saving expert

has anyone done this? i, like others i suspect, thought it was only for people on benefits! formula is sooo expensive. just wish i could have kept bf, would have saved a fortune!!

lulumama Thu 11-Sep-08 07:21:23

hipp organic formula is cheaper than a lot of the other formulas. and the follow on milks for 6 months plus are often cheaper than the first formulas IIRC.

tegan Thu 11-Sep-08 07:33:26

My local clinic always sold formula at a very reduced rate but apparently the government has stopped them selling it

gagarin Thu 11-Sep-08 07:49:36

that is out of date info now.

Google "Healthy Start" and you will see what the current arrangements are.

One of the aims of moving the formula out of the baby clinics is that to see HCPs handing out formula and at the same time trying to help struggling mums breastfeed was rather a contradiction!

Lib76 Thu 11-Sep-08 08:02:15

yeh i have just noticed that it is out of date, was DH that showed me link!

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