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What is the best way to ensure the most success in breast feeding?

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staryeyed Wed 10-Sep-08 13:12:46

With my DS I was all ready for breast feeding and feeling positive that it would all work. Unfortunately I had missed the NCT class the week they did the breast feeding class. I tried to breast feed but it was so painful that I would sit and cry through it. I didnt seem to be producing much milk so I tried expressing in between which didnt seem to produce much and my DS wasnt gaining weight. The midwife told me that my baby was starving and that I should formula feed. I felt so bad that I started mix feeding to top Ds up and he started to gain weight. It continued to be very painful I tried nipple sheilds which helped but I seemed to be producing even less milk. I eventually gave up at six weeks to formula feed.

For my next DC I want to give breast feeding a better start. but Im not sure how. I was thinking of starting with nipple sheilds but then there is the whole issue of producing sufficient milk. Is it possible that I dont produce enough breast milk? what should I do to prepare myself etc?

JordTyler Wed 10-Sep-08 13:36:54

Hi SE, all i can tell you is what i think went wrong with my feeding. I still am feeding but have had hell of a battle, still am.

The two things i would say are...
Accept very qiuckly that your DC will feed all the time and this is normal. The pain will go, if it does get that bad again, get help, shout for it if you have to.

I didn't do either of these so have found it hard to continue because of this i think.

Also i'd say don't give a dummy if pos before a few weeks, and don't top up because you think DC is still hungry. All though i don't know your situation or views so ignore those if you wouldn't of done them anyway.

I hope you do really well. I think the more you learn now and become more determind the easier it should be. Good luck.

Tommy Wed 10-Sep-08 13:41:22

I had a similar experience to you with DS1. I was extremely upset that I didn't feed him for longer and when I had DS2 I decided that I would give it another go and see how it went.

I fed DS2 for 13 months and am still currently feeding DS3 who is 19m grin

What helped was
1. being more confident and relaxed with subsequent babies
2. not really paying so much attention to MWs and HVs
3. Mumsnet - gave me so much more confidence and sensible advice and there are people who have been through it all here whenever you need them!

God luck with number 2 - it may just happen for you as well smile

Sushipaws Wed 10-Sep-08 13:44:12

Oh honey, I always feel so bad for woman who didn't get the support they needed.

Find your nearest breastfeeding group and go along when your still pregnant. Talk to the mummy's there, they will be more than happy to tell you the ways they've adapted to bf'ing. Did your first lo get checked for a tounge tie?

My dd fed almost constantly for the first 6 weeks. It hurt until almost 4 weeks but I kept changing positions and I got loads of support from my health visitor and my bf'ing group. My family were not the most supportive and I was told by hundreds of people that I should top up with formula because my dd wasn't growing fast enough. I bf until almost 18 months and she is healthy and average in size.

Good luck.

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