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Sterilising bottles of cow's milk after 1 yo?

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Tinkjon Tue 09-Sep-08 18:52:01

DS is one this week and I know he should be on sippy cups now but he's not - he is some of the time but not all the time. We're moving (moo-ving? ) to cow's milk in the next few days, so do I still need to sterilise his bottles? I don't bother sterilising his cups but I seem to recall that teats need to be sterilised until 1yo?

I know that you don't really need to sterilise if you wash ultra-carefully but I always have done anyway (it's so quick and easy to do once the bottles are cleaned, so I figured why not?) But for those of who who did sterilise - did you stop after a year? (Or is my DS the only baby having cow's milk from a bottle at this age?!)

Majeika Tue 09-Sep-08 18:53:36

i stopped once they started picking stuff up off the floor and eating it!

sunnytimer Tue 09-Sep-08 19:03:52

Message withdrawn

daizydoo Tue 09-Sep-08 19:05:35

Nothing got sterilised in our house after 6months!!

megcleary Tue 09-Sep-08 19:09:55

dd is one and on bottles of cows mikk three times a day she barely sips water from her sippy cup and when i tried to give her cows milk from it she handed it back with a
... what on earth is milk doing in there face..

enough off tangent it was a joy two weeks to pack up the steriliser and i just wash her bottles and teats well don't even have a dishwasher

Turniphead1 Tue 09-Sep-08 19:11:49

Once I discovered DS licking the wheel of the buggy at 6 months, I figured maybe sterlising bottles was a waste of time. Put em in the dishwasher.
For what its worth, I am a big fan of ditching bottles asap. I think there is a good window between 12-18mths when they are less emotionally attached to stuff when its good to get rid of things like that. (Unless your babe is underweight or something). After 2 - complete nightmare. Not having a go, btw, but we all know how bad the sugar in milk is for teeth.

Tinkjon Tue 09-Sep-08 20:50:20

I am trying to get rid of bottles, but we have settling-to-sleep issues. A bottle really helps him to fall asleep and, whilst 'm working on that, I don't really have the energy to deal with it at the moment.

It's confusing - half the research says don't bother sterilising anything after 1 year and the other half says do bottles & teats for as long as they're used.

daizydoo Wed 10-Sep-08 21:31:47

I used the bottles with the toddler spouts for awhile, before my DS got the hang of the sippy cup this is what i am talking about!!

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