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I'm not expressing whilst at work, DS 10 months, should I give daytime feeds when I am around?

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MarlaSinger Tue 09-Sep-08 13:56:00

Sorry for odd title. I'm working 3 days a week so will be with DS for the other 4, and am not sure if I should offer daytime feeds or not - it's now 6 hours since I fed and I feel slightly uncomfortable, but not terribly so... it will only be 2 hours before I feed him so I don't want to get into the whole expressing thing.

But if I keep up the daytime feeds surely I will get this discomfort continually?

I am not sure how to refuse a feed, but I want to begin to cut down overall with a view to stopping around 12 months, does anyone have any advice for me?

MarlaSinger Tue 09-Sep-08 14:55:37


RhinestoneCowgirl Tue 09-Sep-08 15:02:12

I went back to work part-time when DS was 11 months old and also didn't express. I continued to feed on demand the days I was with him, but did find that he lost interest a bit in the day feeds (not the night ones tho, grrr).

I felt a bit uncomfortable for the first day or so, but it soon settled down. I went on to feed him until nearly 2 yrs. I did plan to stop at 12 months.

If you feel really full you could always nip to the loo and manually express just enough to relieve the pressure IYSWIM.

MarlaSinger Tue 09-Sep-08 17:04:47

Thanks, Rhinestone.

I am not dead-set on stopping, but have lots of reasons to think I should around now-ish... mainly hormonal hmm

I'll see how we get on

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