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Help! I need a night out!

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PeacefulPat Tue 09-Sep-08 10:21:23

Dear Friends.
My Ds is 3.5 months and I'm BFing him. On a friends advise I gave him one bottle at night of formula from when he was 4 weeks. (I know! I know nipple/teat confusion blah blah blah!). I gave him formula because I found expressing very painful. I did the one bottle at night thing for about a month and it seemed fine mostly because it was a dream feed and also because DP gave him the bottle. However since he's alot more alert and more likekly to be awake at the time for the night feed he simply refuses to take the bottle now. He will scream the house down! I know i should stay firm and stick to the routine but I give in and give him the now he won't take the bottle at all even from dp. Any tips from any pro's out there ?I'm dying for a night out with dp but can't leave my ds with a babysitter if he's being like this....I've probably confused the poor kid!

MrsPurple Tue 09-Sep-08 14:22:53

I had problems with my dd only wanting the breast, tried everything, See if you go out of the room so he can't smell breast milk and get someone else to give him a bottle.

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