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Would you sell your breast milk????

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lilysmummy2007 Tue 09-Sep-08 07:52:25

this shocked me, ive donated but is this normal practice??breastmilkforsale

FAQ Tue 09-Sep-08 07:53:38

£40 per 180ml shock!!!

superloopy Tue 09-Sep-08 08:36:14

I would happily give it away (if I had excess) but never charge. To me it is priceless!

savetheplanetdontiron Tue 09-Sep-08 08:51:26

No - I think it's immoral. Would you sell your blood or a kidney? There have been some gruesome cases abroad of people having been forced to sell a body part. OK, I know blood and milk are renewable but even so. hmm

I would happily donate if there were a local milk bank.

lilysmummy2007 Tue 09-Sep-08 20:05:39

ive donated to the hospital wher my dd was born as while i was there ive seen how precious it is, there was this girl who had herpes and could not breast feed her ds and thanks to other mums donating, her ds got the vital nutrients and antibodies in this milk, i could never sell it, and look at the price!!!!

squigglywig Tue 09-Sep-08 20:11:07

The milk bank here (Sweden) pay for Milk they receive. You can choose to donate what they pay back to children's hospital or the SCUBU but afaik you can't refuse to be paid.

Chequers Tue 09-Sep-08 20:13:33

I read an article about a woman who was selling it to men who got their rocks off with it.

lilysmummy2007 Tue 09-Sep-08 22:24:57

chequers thats gross!!

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