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Managing posture while breastfeeding

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cyteen Mon 08-Sep-08 06:16:43

hi all just wondering if anyone has any good tips for staying relaxed while bf? my son is a week old and generally feeding like a dream, but i find that i get very tense when trying to latch him on (especially if he's fussing) and then, once he's on, i kind of 'freeze' into position because i don't want to disturb him. it's particularly bad in my right shoulder, which seems to come up by my ear no matter what hold i'm using.

i suppose i'm after some reassurance really. i love feeding DS but it's giving me head and backache! i think my stitches aren't helping either, it's very hard to sit comfortably.

belgo Mon 08-Sep-08 07:13:38

Congratulations on the birth of your sonsmile

Can you breastfeed lying down, on your side? I found that very comfortable.

Also, do you have one of those long breastfeeding cushions?

MamaMiaImADiva Mon 08-Sep-08 07:32:06

Congratulations for your new arrival!

I didn't breastfeed but had a C-section so had problems feeding my son for the first few weeks. I bought one of these it was fab! When your finished with it, it's really good for propping your baby up in as it wraps around them. Definately worth the money after 2 years mine gets used a neck support cushion .

WhatSheSaid Mon 08-Sep-08 08:05:18

Agree about lying down to bf. I am still lying down to feed dd who is now 10 months. Very relaxing for both of us.

I remember it being quite hard to relax when I first fed though - I was never sure I was doing it right! It does get much easier.

savetheplanetdontiron Mon 08-Sep-08 08:06:42

Congratulations on your baby and well done on the feeding. Try to make yourself as comfy as possible before you start the feed, putting your feet up or at least on a copy of the Yellow Pages helps and try to think of things you can do during the feed to relax yourself. Take some deep breaths and lower your shoulders (often found up near the ears in the newly bf mum wink. i know some of the books say you should be lost in awe and wonder gazing at your babe but not if it's stressing you. If he is latched on fine (I am assuming you have no pain??) then perhaps you could put the telly on, the radio - the more mindlessly cheerful the better. I watched a lot of Frasier reruns with my first grin. A chat with someone who is supportive, non-critical and sensible would be good.

You will find this easier as time goes on. Feeding lying down is a bit of an art but it can save your sanity through growth spurts as you really get rest too.

Good luck

ketchupkisses Mon 08-Sep-08 08:09:52

Congratulations cyteen. Can you get yourself sitting comfortably - back straight, feet on a book or two, cushions for your stitches, and a couple on your knee to support the baby at the correct height, shoulders down - then once you're ready have someone pass the baby to you? I also sat on an inflatable ring for my stitches but I've got a feeling that its not recommended.

Its really good that you've identified that your posture is a problem so that you can make a conscious effort to sort it out. I did it all wrong for weeks before my mother said I wasn't sitting correctly.

What kind of chair are you sitting in? I have an ikea one with arms which is perfect.

ketchupkisses Mon 08-Sep-08 08:12:06

Oh, and have a large glass of water, the remote control and the telephone within easy reach before you start a feed. smile

likessleep Mon 08-Sep-08 09:36:02

I think what you have written sounds totally normal! As ever, all brilliant advice here, the only thing I would add is that once LO is latched on, make a conscious effort to breath deeply and just let your shoulders go. You'll get more comfy in time.
Good luck and congrats!

belgo Mon 08-Sep-08 09:54:59

what about getting your dh/dp to give you a shoulder massage while you are breastfeeding?

RedHead81 Mon 08-Sep-08 10:40:33

It gets easier - I have to say I find it easier to bf sitting cross-legged on the sofa with a cushion under my feeding side arm to support the weight. I've never fed how they say to feed in the books (on a firm chair with feet on a stool) I find that way far too uncomfortable to be spending sometimes 8hrs out of 24! give it a couple of weeks and you will really relax into things. Congratulations BTW! And well done for wanting to continue!

cyteen Mon 08-Sep-08 19:20:25

This is all brilliant advice, thank you so much. Today I have: made more of an effort to get myself sorted with drink, remote etc. before starting; taken time to sort out enough cushions etc. before starting; made a conscious effort to relax and breathe properly once DS is latched on. It's made such a difference already, today's feeds have been so much more relaxed for both of us. I also managed a short nap, which I know I haven't been doing enough of - it's hard to make myself go to bed when DS is sleeping as I like to spend that time with DP or getting in a bit of adult alone time. But DP is back to work next week so I guess more naps will be in order.

I do feel incredibly lucky all told, DS seems to have taken to bf very readily - his latch is great, no pain, and he feeds for a good amount of time from both sides although prefers the left (I think the right is a bit bigger). I've managed to feed him lying down from the left but not, as yet, from the right - will keep trying though as it is very pleasant. All in all bf is going great for us, I love seeing his little face so preoccupied as soon as he starts to feed, and sometimes he grips my finger which makes me laugh grin

Also today I think I've turned a corner re. stitches healing, they feel much better and I am much more able to sit/move around easily.

likessleep Mon 08-Sep-08 20:59:40

Re your last point cyteen - if your stitches are healing, that will make a WORLD of difference to your comfort levels.
I know what you mean about seeing your LOs face - it is the best feeling in the world.

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