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how much should i feed 4 month old?

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jemmalou Sun 07-Sep-08 20:00:03

i have been switching from breastfeeding my 18 wk old daughter to bottle feeding over the last few weeks.

she's 13lb. the side of the aptamil box suggests 6oz/feed. she is feeding 5x /day and i am giving her 7oz each feed and even then she starts screaming as soon as the bottle is removed from her mouth!

i have been told that babies stop feeding when they've had enough but i'm not sure if this applies in her case! when i was breastfeeding she would just keep going until she fell asleep or i pulled her off.

does anyone else have any experience of a baby that just keeps going?! is it acceptable to feed her more than 7oz/feed? she is gaining weight but has dropped from above 50th centile at birth and is now between 9th & 25th centile. she also has reflux so some of what goes down does come back up although this is getting better.

any thoughts/advice appreciated. seem to get differing advice depending on which hv you speak to ...

Seona1973 Sun 07-Sep-08 20:03:55

if your lo finishes the bottle then I would add an extra ounce to each one. Maybe she just likes sucking - have you tried a dummy?

jemmalou Mon 08-Sep-08 08:05:00

thanks seona. will try adding an extra oz to each feed today & will see how she goes. she woke up at 5.30 this morning when usually she sleeps until 7am so maybe is getting hungry.

she used to have a dummy when she was tiny but hasn't really been able to keep it in her mouth the last month or so - doesn't seem interested. she does suck on her thumbs/fingers most of the day though so i guess she does like sucking!

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