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Should I worry about five runny poos a day for two weeks?!

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swmum Sun 07-Sep-08 17:52:09

Says it all really. Ds is 20 weeks and has had runny poo(from slightly to like water) for the past two weeks. Other than that he is absolutely fine. Eating, sleeping 7 to 7 and perfectly happy.
Great one for trusting my instinct - which is that he is fine and it's teething - but my friends seem to think it's a bug.
Wouldn't a bug have other symptoms? Or have run it's course by now? Any thought would be great. Maybe I should take him to the docs but they'll prob suggest antibiotics which I'm really not keen on.
He's fed 70 bf and 30 formula.
He used to be a one poo a day chap so we are suddenly getting through a lot of clothes - and a lot of stain remover!

swmum Sun 07-Sep-08 17:53:12

that should be 70% breast and 30% formula - makes sense now!

4madboys Sun 07-Sep-08 18:09:51

my ds4 is the same, lots of splatty poos for about three weeks now, but otherwise seems fine, tho it seems to be giving him a sore bum

i mentioned it to the dr, and they said it does sound like a bug but unless there is blood in the poo or he becomes unwell with a temp etc then they will just leave it to run its course and nto give antibiotics oh they did offer to send his poo for testing so they would be able to tell what bacteria are causing the problem but they still wouldnt treat it unless it causes problems

i was worried as ds4 will be 6mths in a few weeks and obviously we should be starting weaning, but they said to wait and see how he goes

hope that helps

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