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How to get 12 month old to drink from a cup

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PinkyDinkyDooToo Sat 06-Sep-08 15:30:03

I'm sure it's been asked before, but DS2 is about to turn 1 and refuses to drink milk out of anything but a bottle. With DS1 I just stopped giving him bottles at 11 months and he was fine. DS2 is much more stubborn.

Can I just go cold turkey and see what happens. I have tried every type of cup possible and he will occasionally drink a little bit of the milk but not a lot. He happily drinks water from a cup though.

LackaDAISYcal Sat 06-Sep-08 15:41:28

My DD started off wiht just the basic tommee tippee sippy cups, but we had the same problem with her as well; she cottoned on to water from a cup really quickly, but if she got milk in a cup she would only drink half an inch at a time. We just persevered with it though and she got the hang of it eventually. The best cup we've found is the tommee tippee easyflow one (have a kitchen cupboard full of different ones as well) and she now gets her morning drink of milk from that, so she can wander around with it without danger of spilling, although she has recently started drinking from a double handled cup with no lid when at the table.

She still gets her bedtime milk in a bottle though blush

mabel1973 Sat 06-Sep-08 15:41:57

wouldn't worry too much. I had this problem with DS1, but just kept trying every now and then, he went on to a cup no problem not long after his 1st birthday.
Ds2 was easier as he went straight from boob to cup, bypassing bottles altogether.

MamaMiaImADiva Sat 06-Sep-08 15:44:17

My DS is 2 and won't drink milk from anything but an Avent magi cup although I do use it without the valve sometimes at night if he's lying down it flies out.

PinkyDinkyDooToo Sat 06-Sep-08 22:09:02

THanks for the replies, I had to go out for a while.

Mabel, I never thought that maybe it would just happen anyway a little later. I think I just worry because I read somewhere (a long time ago when DS1 was a baby) about bottles becoming a more difficult habit to break after 12 months.

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