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leaving ds at nursery - how much ebm?

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ilovemydog Thu 04-Sep-08 08:49:43

DS is 6.5 months and has been exclusively b/f up until a few weeks ago when we started introducing him to solids.

Am leaving him at nursery 3 days next week. He will get a mid morning and afternoon feed there and i'm going to visit at lunch to feed him.

The nursery staff said that most get 120 ml per feed, but that's formula....

cmotdibbler Thu 04-Sep-08 08:58:21

Ds always had 120ml in a bottle - three a day between 8 and 5. But he went to nursery a little earlier than your DS who might hold out for you, and would want less.

I'd leave 120ml per bottle to start and then adjust from there.

ilovemydog Thu 04-Sep-08 09:54:05

Thanks! Did you freeze? bags or bottles?

Obviously better to have too much than not enough, but that feeling when you pump and pump and it goes down the drain....

cmotdibbler Thu 04-Sep-08 10:15:40

I only froze the excess milk, or if it was a bank holiday weekend, and in Lanisoh bags. Otherwise, I pumped directly into the Avent bottles and then took those in.

Nursery had some frozen milk for emergencies, and the first couple of weeks I gave them an extra bottle the first day which they then rotated, just so that I knew that they had more than enough.

I also told them that as long as it was fresh milk, they could reheat it once as long as it hadn't been left out for more than 30 minutes (ie long enough to cool to room temp) which reduced waste when he just wanted enough milk to go to sleep then would wake up ravenous for the rest an hour later.

The thing I hated most was being away for work, and having to pump and dump when I couldn't get the milk home. It really, really irked me when the freezer stock was being depleted

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