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Help! viral vomiting bug in breastfeeding mother

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Annner Mon 21-Feb-05 10:08:37

Help! I have woken up this morning with what is clearly a viral vomiting/diahoreal bug. I haven't eaten since Sunday evening, and this morning have even been throwing up water.

Apart from very scrupulous handwashing, is there anything that I can do to minimise the chances of passing this to my 14 week old breastfed baby?

Advice from HV has been to keep feeding as usual, but I'm a bit worried about running low as I become more dehydrated as the day goes on. I'm trying to keep sipping water, but I do feel terribly grotty and seem to be losing fluids as fast as I can get them down.


Marina Mon 21-Feb-05 10:13:21

It's so worrying when you get something like this isn't it Annner? I washed my hands with Carex until they cracked the only time I had such a bug But I didn't pass it to ds, not sure of the science, but presumed the b/f meant he became immune to that virus before he could catch it.
If you have some squash in the house, try that, as it will replenish your salt and sugar levels to some extent. And, revolting though it sounds, full-sugar Coca-cola left to go flat and then drunk REALLY worked for me, to my astonishment.
Is there anyone around who can pop to the shops for you?

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