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breastfed baby rejecting the bottle!!!

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barmymamma Wed 03-Sep-08 20:23:19

please help me. my close friend is desperate because her 16 week old is constantly breast feeding, either for food or comfort. can be every 2 hours over night and it can take up to an hour to feed him, so she olny geetting hour sleep inbetween!!!sad
she has tried alsorts of bottles, just so that she can get a bit of a break, but he wont take them.spits them out, gaggs.
ANY IDEA'S ADVISE PLEASE!!!! either to get him into better breastfeeding routine or to use bottles.

JentlyDoesIt Wed 03-Sep-08 20:32:30

oooh, someone was reading my mind. I want to get DD onto a bottle, even if it's expressed so I can have a little break as she's a frequent feeder too.

Have been recommended Motherease (I think) bottles, you can get them from Mothercare.

Fingers crossed we get a clever mn'er along shortly.

onwardandupward Wed 03-Sep-08 20:36:50

LEarn to feed lying down, then they can both sleep at night :-)

No bottle advice from me, but yes, I'm sure there'll be a clever one along soon

barmymamma Wed 03-Sep-08 20:38:20

motherease bottles...are they the ones with funny looking teat? my friend has tried them, but no good.
everyone diff though.
i've always looked at the bottle teat in relation to my own breasts, if they look a similar shape, then the baby will hopefully take it!sounds bit off, sorry, but it worked for me when i was feeding. ds1 liked avent....boobs still pert then.....ds2 liked maw teats..fat and flat.....boobs had life sucked out of them by then!!! grin

mum2oneloudbaby Wed 03-Sep-08 20:49:00

i'm not an expert and there are many mnetters with much more experience than me but this does sound something like what i experienced.

dd now 9mo exc. bf to 6mths took ebm in a bottle occasionally in the first two months then rejected it. i tried all sorts of bottles, cold ebm, hot ebm nothing worked. once i started to wean her i tried again and she took a bottle no problem now doesn't care where the milk comes from so long as she gets it grin.

so unfortunately no matter how many bottles your friend tries it may not work straight away but i believe a cup is a possibility from about 5mo.

however, an hour sounds a long time for feeding - by 16 weeks we were down to about 30 mins. does she think it is just a comfort thing? my dd used to do this it drove me nearly insane. i had a revelation when i read baby whisperer and it gave me some ideas to break the habit.

i really feel for your friend it's really tough but it doesn't last forever. it flies past and i can't believe how different it is just a few months on!

teafortwo Wed 03-Sep-08 21:10:39

My baby was a bit like that too.

I just got into the habbit of breastfeeding with one hand and holding a book, sipping a drink, flicking a magazine, pressing a remote control or typing with the other.

At night she would come to bed at 11pm with us having spent the evening filling up. If she woke up because she slept with me and I breast fed laying down it was nice, I felt quite cozy too.

The dr said she wasn't gaining enough weight so at 6 months she changes to a mixture of breast and bottle. She WOULD NOT take milk from a bottle. It was a nightmare. We let her 'play' with a bottle filled with milk one morning in bed and after covering herself in milk first she realised she could feed herself. This completely changed her attitude to the bottles! Once she could hold the bottle easily herself she was well away.

I continued to breast feed her until she was one and a half morning, night and then just night and then at night she just had a bottle and it was ok. Now she is 2 and a half she has a beaker of milk at night and says 'tuddle' because milk time is still quite intimate for her.

Everyone is different but this story might help a little. To help your friend see the trees!

pudding25 Wed 03-Sep-08 21:21:07

We use tommee tippee bottles. DD is bf but has one bottle (sometimes 2) of formula a day. Or should I say, she kind of pretends to have the bottle! Sometimes she takes 100 ml, sometimes 60 ml, and the one off time of 160ml! She is 16 wks old and it says she should take 180ml. The hv said that bf babies just don't really take to bottles much.
We introduced a bottle from about wk 3 and to be honest, unless she is starving (which is rare), she just doesnt want much bottle. If I offer her boobie afterwards, she will often feed for about 10 mins.
I wanted her to have a bottle to give me a break and I cant express.

chipmonkey Wed 03-Sep-08 21:35:47

barmymamma, will he take a dummy?

MarmMummy Wed 03-Sep-08 21:42:22

We had this with my DS who refused to take a bottle and I was returning to work. We tried EVERY bottle out there (tho this was 2 years ago so some new ones are now out there) and the only one we had success with was the Nuk ones. But not with the silicone teats they are sold with, the old fashioned latex ones (you can buy them from independent chemists.Probably too much information but I was told to find a teat that looked like my nipple! grin

chipmonkey Wed 03-Sep-08 21:49:02

So you have nipples like Nuk Teats, MarmMummy!grin

banthambabe Wed 03-Sep-08 22:09:48

We had this nightmare. Again had a little bit of success with Nuk teats but DS was on a beaker at 5 months, and he took that especially when he held it himself.Though months later we found that at his childminder he would only have his milk from a bottle and that she was holding! Going from boob to beaker does cut out giving up the bottles when they are older!

JentlyDoesIt Mon 08-Sep-08 16:30:30

Just to say that we have had success this weekend with the Mothercare own bottles and teats (the teats are by Nuby and have a bobbly bottom have that DD likes gumming on)

They are here on the mothercare website.

Good luck

barmymamma Tue 09-Sep-08 14:41:43 pleased you have had some success. my friens little ds has started to take some formular from bottle now too, which is fab.
chipmonkey....he has refused the dummy too, he just gaggs. So funny we comparing nipples and teats, trust me to lower the tone!!!!grin
thank you all for the help, keep it going xx

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