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Is it possible for a 9 week old to 'reject' the breast? Help!

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queribus Wed 03-Sep-08 18:53:15

My 9 week old has started struggling when I put him to the breast and he ends up getting very distressed (so do I!). He will suck for a few seconds then starts to cry and struggle. He'll give it another couple of goes, but eventually refuses to feed from the breast.

Up to now, we've had no problems breastfeeding, my diet hasn't changed and he's not ill. Neither of us appear to have thrush.

I do seem to have a very fast let down and he usually ends up coughing and spluttering at least once, but that soon settles down. Could this be anything to do with it? Also, he's started to take a bottle of ebm from DH most days - could he be 'confused' or just expressing a preference for the bottle?

It was all going so well and I was so pleased that we'd both got the hang of breastfeeding. Any help gratefully received.


onwardandupward Wed 03-Sep-08 19:47:33

The real experts will be along soon!

It might well be because you are going through a stage of enthusiastic let down - the spluttering as he comes off in fury suggests that

Lying down on your side can be a good position (with towel underneath to catch the rivers drips of spare milk). hand expressing a little bit just before you offer the breast. Or first time he comes off cross, do a quick hand express into a towel before you offer more. Or even express a bit with a pump on side 2 while he's having a go at side 1, so that he can have the non-violent side almost immediately.

I had a lot of this, I remember, but we never seemed to get it while lying down feeding at night, hence that suggestion

Becky77 Wed 03-Sep-08 19:59:55

Could he not be hungry? My DD has been doing this a bit lately and I think it is because she's not needing to be fed as often... If you wait until he is definitely hungry he may be fine??

CuppaTeaJanice Wed 03-Sep-08 20:04:41

I had exactly the same reaction at 9 weeks - ds started screaming at the sight of my nipples. I think it was due to the opposite problem though, my already pitiful supply had got too low.

I hope someone is able to give you some helpful advice. Try googling 'nursing strike'.

I found dream feeding was the only time he would feed. I had to catch him just before he woke up - too sleepy and he'd nod off again, too awake and he'd scream! We managed this for another 9 weeks before the supply went completely. Hope you have better luck than me. smile

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