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breast feeding confusion!

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Stefka Wed 03-Sep-08 16:57:13

I recently went down to two feeds a day - first thing and last thing - with my DS who is ten months because I need to go out and do some odd days off work.

He seemed fine with it the last few days but today he was really upset after his nap and then head butted me and got really distressed so I gave him a feed.

Now I am wondering two things - does he still need another feed during the day? He feed for a long time. And is it confusing for him to have been given that feed when I haven't the last few days?

I want to feel confident that I can leave him with a relative for a day without needing me.

Stefka Thu 04-Sep-08 07:36:47

Anyone got any thoughts?

PortAndLemon Thu 04-Sep-08 07:50:31

When you say "only two feeds a day", are you giving him a cup or bottle feed at some point other than your morning and evening feeds? I would expect him to be needing at least one more feed at some point, and quite possibly two.

I don't think giving the extra feed when you are around will confuse him. When DS was around that age I was back at work and doing morning and night breastfeeds, but would do a third daytime breastfeed at weekends or days off with no problems.

ChairmumMiaow Thu 04-Sep-08 07:50:54

My DS is only 7mo but I've been leaving him with his auntie for a few hours from around 3 months so I could do the odd bit of work.

We found that, even that early on when with me he'd be asking for food every 2 hours or less, he'd happily go 3-4 hours with her because I wasn't there, and he couldn't smell the milk.

I would think that if someone else is looking after him, a cuddle would do instead as there's no temptation for milk - this works well for DS still. (although he was a bit confused when his auntie had a friend round who was still BF and she gave him a cuddle! )

My guess would be that yesterday he might have been feeling a bit off colour or something, but even if he regularly wants it, don't worry. DS won't nap for me without a BF, but will for his auntie.

gagarin Thu 04-Sep-08 07:54:10


breastfeeding isn't just about the "food".

If you're together and breastfeeding is part of the relationship between you and your ds then he may want to feed some days and maybe not miss it other days depedning on him.

But if you are out for the day he's unlikely to cry all day for a breastfeed as it's something you and he do as a "couple" - though I bet as soon as you walk in the door he'll want to feed!

Stefka Thu 04-Sep-08 11:02:40

That makes sense. I guess I am just getting anxious at the thought of leaving him for a whole day with someone else. I will see how today goes and if he wants a feed I won't stress about giving him it. I wish I wasn't under so much pressure to work but such is life.

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