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How do you stop breastfeeding? Not after practicalities, talking emotionally.

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SueDonym Wed 03-Sep-08 07:54:02

I am going to stop breastfeeding, we all do eventually. After hating it for quite a while, I now enjoy feeding LO who is nearly 6 months. Don't want to go into the whys, but rerally do need to stop. I feel guilty and emotional and silly. I know that he couldn't care less if he has a bottle, I just feel so attached to it myself. Anyone got any coping strategies?

likessleep Wed 03-Sep-08 08:54:27

I am switching over at the moment too. I know how you feel. I keep thinking the following when I start to feel emotional about it:
1)How I have got far further than I ever thought I would
2)How DS has had goodness for so long
3)That it isn't the end of the world! Sounds overdramatic, but I am sure in a year or two, I will think 'why did I think that was the be all and end all?'
4)That I would feel this whenever I stop
5)That I am so lucky to have such a wonderful son.
6)That other concerns/worries will soon take over
7)I am trying to use other 'times' to be closer. Like cuddles, kisses (he has just started slobbery kisses!) and reading time.

It is sad though, it is a time of saying goodbye, in part, to babyhood. But if you're decided, then it is the right thing for you.

PS plus I am planning a drunken night out in 3 weeks, for the first time since a year last Christmas - yay!!! That might help?

cafebistro Wed 03-Sep-08 09:01:44

SueDonym please dont feel guilty about it. You have 'given yourself' to your baby for 6 months ( 15 months if you count pregnancy)....much longer than many people manage to breastfeed! You are bound to feel emotional, its the end of an era. Dont rush it and stop when your ready...Good Luck smile

ClosedForCleaning Wed 03-Sep-08 09:22:18

Maybe you can try to switch your focus from what is ending to what is starting. As you move out of the high intimacy and high-dependency of a newborn (although often lovely in it's own right), you can start to enjoy your baby more as an individual in his/her own right. He/she is probably ready, or nearly ready to sit and join you for meals at the table. DP or other close friends/family can take some of the pleasure of feeding bottles too. You can enjoy watching family life evolving. Knowing DH was enjoying giving a bottle while I languished in bed soon helped me get over the initial hormonal turbulance and regrets. wink

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