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I'm going completely mad, had enough, help help help

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FlightAttendent Tue 02-Sep-08 13:14:32

Sorry. Some of you will know that I have had trouble with mastitis and have been attempting to wean Ds2 off but am not having much luck as he is teething and miserable sad

So the pills for the mastitis made me ill,
I am taking others to counteract. I can't take anything else at the moment.

I have another blocked duct (I think) which is really sore, has been hurting all yesterday and last night, I can't even take Ibuprofen but am trying the hot flannels thing and massage - doesn't seem to be going away.

Just had call from Dr (the rude one sans bedside manner) who said if it gets worse we'll have to make a difficult clinical decision etc tec, really being dramatic and trying to freak me out (I know he is, he always does this - said it was my own fault last time)

I am just scared that it will turn into an abscess and I'll have to take even more a/b's that will make the other thing come back (not nice) and will be into a vicious circle.

To top it off he started on about how the drug I'm on now, is very heavy duty, racked with awful side effects, and he is just glad I haven't had a serious reaction to it yet hmm

I have felt fine on it, the other one they gave me made me sick as a dog.

I no feel shaky and scared and just like giving up because my body is patently in a state and can't seem to get rid of this infection.

He told me to stop bfing immediately (again)
I don't know what to do

Sorry for the rant, am just really upset.

BabiesEverywhere Tue 02-Sep-08 14:38:19

Can you get a second medical opinion off a doctor with a better attitude ?

lulumama Tue 02-Sep-08 14:39:23

have you spoken to any BF experts rather than GP? agree you need second opinion.

FlightAttendent Tue 02-Sep-08 14:44:08

Thanks, I ran ghe NCT helpline a couple of weeks ago for advice on stopping feeding, but the info wasn't very clear. I don't know whether to just stop feeding from that breast or feed more from it iyswim - last time this mastitis thing threatened to start up again, I stopped feeding on the affected side, massaged a bit, expressed a little, and it calmed down. Hot flannels also.

I think that boob is protesting and has had enough. Somehow if I stop asking it to perform I think it might stop being a problem. This seems paradoxical to the accepted thinking of 'feed through mastitis' but seemed to work last time.

Because I'm taking one of the strongest a/b's there is, I thin this isn't an infection but a blockage - I just need to clear it asap so that when I stop the medication, it doesn't turn into something worse. I think the meds are preventing infection iyswim?

How can I best clear it? I have been massaging and it feels very bruised now - also hot water on a flannel and holding it there. Not sure what else to try.

onwardandupward Tue 02-Sep-08 14:52:13

Clearing it:

hot flannels, child feeding lots, make sure bottom of child's mouth is on the side of the breast where the blockage is, kneel on all fours over child flat on back and breastfeed like a cow (get gravity on your side)

sound like you might just about be at the stage of desperation to get your Dh to be the person lying flat on their back - superior suction there likely to get blockage clear where all else is failing.

FlightAttendent Tue 02-Sep-08 15:02:06

Thankyou. You have made me laugh about using DH...unfortunately I don't have a DH but might get ds1 to try!!!

(imagining walking down street to try and find a random bloke to suck my boob!! er - maybe not!) smile

I will let you know if it works...

ChairmumMiaow Tue 02-Sep-08 15:04:11

FlightAttendant - I was always told that you should always feed through mastitis, and that stopping would just make it worse.

FlightAttendent Tue 02-Sep-08 15:04:58

Y es, me too - but I just don't know any mroe. Been feeding all night and all yesterday on bad side and it's no better. sad

lulumama Tue 02-Sep-08 15:07:33

have you tried la leche league? i thikn advice for mastitis is to feed , not stop bf unless you are ready to stop...

FlightAttendent Tue 02-Sep-08 15:34:06

Yes, tried, couldn't get through...

am trying different angle. See if it works.

I would stop immediately if it would sove the problem but don't want to make it worse iyswim.

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