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Breastfeeding: How do you know when its time to stop? Advice needed

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reginaphilangy Mon 01-Sep-08 16:09:04

My dd is almost 14 months old. She is now down to 1 feed a day (morning only now, her choice) and she doesn't even ask for that anymore.

She's more interested in having her breakfast than she is in having a bf, although she will accept it occasionally (generally about 1 in 3 she will accept).

Do i carry on offering, or do we stop now?
I'm struggling with the decision sad
Dd is my last baby and the only one of my children that i have managed to bf - i don't want to stop sad but i'm worried that i'm making it about me instead of it being about her.
Obv i don't force her to feed and if she doesn't feel like it, she just climbs off the bed. Do i carry on as we are, or is it time to call it a day?


RedHead81 Mon 01-Sep-08 18:02:18

This is a hard one - it is still about her though, WHO recommend BFing up til 2yrs because of the benefits to both of you, so it isn't just about you (although there are plenty of benefits for you too)
I stopped feeding DS1 at 15mths and he was only taking a feed in the evening before bed but the choice to stop was because i just didn't know that people carried on feeding past 6mths and was made to feel as though i wasn't "normal". I wish now that i had carried on. I am hoping to feed DS2 (now 4mths) until he is 2 at least.

Is there perhaps another time in the day that she would prefer to feed? Evening perhaps? I think you have answered your own question though - you don't want to stop yet, so carry on if that is what you want. Your milk won't dry up, it will just trail off to suit the demands of your DD. If she really doesn't feel like it then she won't so just carry on until she really doesn't want it - then at least you will know that you have done all you can.

It is sad when you stop breastfeeding, but just think of what you have achieved and know how well you have done.

<<hugs to you>>

PortAndLemon Mon 01-Sep-08 18:08:05

If I were you I'd keep offering for the time being but not make a big deal of it at all.

reginaphilangy Mon 01-Sep-08 23:41:55

Thanks both

Redhead, no there's no other time of day that she would prefer to feed - she won't feed throughout the day (far too busy for that dontcha know, lol) and she gave the evening feed up a few weeks ago ...just lost interest.

I will carry on as i am, offering the feed and leaving it up to her as to whether she takes it or not. I really really want her to continue but short of forcing the boob in her mouth, there's not a lot that i can do really is there? sad

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