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Teoroy Mon 01-Sep-08 07:40:39

Since yesterday my two month old started eating much less than usual. Any one know what could be wrong?
She is nine weeks old and is exclusively breastfed. She would nurse for 5-10 min. only from 1 brast as before she would feed from both for 15 min. She has constant tummy aches (colic?). Yesterday she was asleep all day apart from waking every 2 hours to suckle for a bit and then go to sleep straight away. She did't cry as usual, just a few moments.
Could she be sick? What's wrong with her? I'm worried!

Thank you!


RedHead81 Mon 01-Sep-08 13:09:21

Maybe it's just that the milk is flowing better now - it doesn't mean that she isn't taking as much.

If she has colic, try keeping her as upright as possible or on her tummy to wind her (not for sleeping obv.) Also the tiger in the tree hold is good for reducing colic.

Breastfeeding can sometimes tire-out a baby, so perhaps try feeding her lying down.

Also is she still having at least 6wet nappies a day and a dirty nappy? If so then she should still be getting enough fluid. If she isn't getting enough fluid, then she won't be getting wet nappies and you should check for signs of dehydration (sunken fontanelle (soft spot)) and get to the gp.

My guess is probably just that she is now feeding better than she has been and learned to take milk quicker. Even if she falls asleep at the breast, allow her to continue feeding (don't take her off) unless she takes herself off as even though she is sleeping, she will still be taking milk.

Hope this helps.

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