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How can I get DD (4 weeks) to gape properly/for longer?

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min912 Sun 31-Aug-08 21:14:56

I went to the breastfeeding clinic this week just to check that everything was ok and it seems not... I've managed to correct how I hold her ok but the latch is quite close-mouthed. As a result there is a clicking noise every time she feeds.

No pain, lots of wet nappies, dirty nappy at least once a day, she is putting on weight so I'm not overly bothered, but I just thought I'd ask if anyone has any suggestions on how to get her latched on properly.

She will gape but it's sooo fleeting that I just can't manage to get her positioned in a wide-mouth latch.

Any advice welcomed!

Usbornebooksathomeorganiser Sun 31-Aug-08 21:16:30

Not really sure, but could you maybe get your HV to watch you feed and she can help?

SOrry, I am sure somebody more helpful will come along in a min.

charchargabor Sun 31-Aug-08 21:17:08

Can you try this exercise with her? I used this with my DD and it definitely made her gape better. I find that in time you become quicker at getting them latched once they gape, so just keep practising! smile

domesticslattern Sun 31-Aug-08 21:34:36

First, congratulations on your DD.

OK, I am not an expert but... if you're not in pain, lots of wet nappies, weight gain fine... is there really a problem? Might there be more of a problem if you get all worried about bf, and tense and stressed when you come to feed? My DD clicked (in fact, there have been other MN threads on this subject), and stopped after a while naturally. TBH it just seemed to be taking a bit of time for her to learn how to bf properly, and I am not sure, with hindsight, I could have done anything different. Except to relax!

Tryharder Sun 31-Aug-08 22:00:46

Hi, my baby had exactly the same problem. Like yours, he was gaining weight everything seemed OK but he just wanted to feed and feed and feed and I was concerned that the poor latch meant that he wasnt feeding effectively. He wouldn't open his mouth wide enough and when he did he shut it before I was able to latch him on.

However, he's now 12 weeks and the problem has almost resolved itself over time and his latch is usually pretty good now. I didnt really do anything - he just got better at feeding. His latch is still dodgy from time to time and sometimes if I let him he'll just suck away at the end of the nipple. I think he latches on badly if he's sucking for comfort only and bothers to open his mouth only when he's really hungry.

I sometimes use my index finger to gently prise his bottom jaw down. One bf counsellor I spoke to said you shouldnt do this but another said you could, so take your pick!

Another mumsnetter told me to have my son checked for tongue tie which can affect their latch. My son doesnt have it (acc to HV - can I trust her???) but apparently it's more common that you might think.

min912 Mon 01-Sep-08 11:37:52

Thanks everyone for the help, that link is great!

I am kind of where you suggest Domesticslattern... was quite upset after the visit to the clinic, and then decided that getting stressed about it was the worst thing, but I just thought I'd see if anyone had any suggestions/had been in the same situation. She slept 5hrs straight last night and 6 both nights before so we can't be doing too badly!

I assume no tongue-tie as they would have said at the clinic...

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