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having a wobble - help please

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blondiep14 Sun 31-Aug-08 09:09:45

Hi, my DS was exc. bf until 6 months when we started introducing solids.
He is 7 months at the end of the week & has suddenly started to feed a lot less in the day, ie only having one boob, and not very much from that.
I don't think it's down to having solids because usually he has baby cereal and a little star at 11ish then perhaps but not always a (very!) little veg then a fruit pot or little star for lunch/tea at around 4.
He is still feeding well in the mornings and nighttime so what is going on?!
He seems happy in himself but am a bit worried he's not getting enough milk or solids now!
The last few days have gone like this;
4ish am 1 boob
7ish am other boob
10/11am full feed (both boobs!)
12 cereal/porridge & little star
3/4 used to be a full feed, now half a boob
7ish pm used to be full feed, now half a boob
10/11pm full feed
am i being neurotic? is this ok?
Sorry this is so long, it just coincides with me getting fed up with the "what you still breastfeed" comments and thinking about switching to formula in the day for ease when i go back to work next month and feeling fat and depressed but unable to stop eating blush !

ChairmumMiaow Sun 31-Aug-08 09:21:53

what's a little star?

How do you know he's having "half a boob"? It could be that he's just getting quicker at feeding and "draining" that side much quicker?

I've always trusted DS to know how much he wants. I wouldn't worry unless your DS starts to look unhealthy in other ways (e.g. watch the nappies) My 7mo DS currently has reasonable feeds at approximately 7, 9, 1, 6, 12 and 4 (somtimes with a little snack at around 3pm) with solids (we're BLW) at around 11am and 4-5pm so yours isn't having milk much less often.

Btw, DS went through a phase of not drinking much milk in the day for a while - too distracted. We fixed that by making his nap times pretty regular, and feeding him quietly in his room before them - he always has a pretty good feed then.

blondiep14 Sun 31-Aug-08 09:41:13

Fromage frais.

Well I don't know it's half but i'm still spraying everywhere when he pulls off after about a minute so it's certainly nowhere near a full feed!
Aim to feed him somwhere quiet & calm but not always possible. Also at the moment this isn't helping sad. I guess I just have to trust he does know what he's doing...

Bumperlicious Sun 31-Aug-08 10:10:34

Blondie, I wouldn't worry, as long as you are offering it to him as much as possible you can't force him to feed. He will take as much as he wants. As for the solids, repeat after me "Food is fun until they are 1" grin

If you are worried try offering him calcium rich foods like sticks of cheese. He's probably just too interested in the world and too busy to feed, thank you very much grin

Have you tried offering finger food? He might eat a bit more if allowed to take control over what he is eating. Have you heard of baby led weaning?

Honestly though, I would try not to worry, it sounds like he is having plenty.

Now going back to work is another issue, have you tried posting a thread for advice? I'm sorry you are feeling fat. It's so difficult to curb your eating when you are tired and drained from bfing. Going back to work might help, you will get into a different routine. Can you pop out and get yourself an nice going back to work outfit to boost your confidence a bit. Don't underestimate how tough it is going back and make sure you cut yourself some slack. And remember:

Food is fun until they are 1!

(FWIW, if you live near a sainsbo's their kids fromage frais have no sugar in them and are cheaper. Failing that I would try natural yoghurt sweetened with a bit of fruit, in fact DD has always had it plain. Much cheaper and with no sugar!)

blondiep14 Sun 31-Aug-08 10:18:04

Thanks, i think he is just being super nosy right now!
I sure offer boob a lot so I guess he'll right himself.
Food is fun for him so long as it's sweet hmm but again, trying not to stress about it (there's a heck of a lot not to stress about being a mummy eh?!)
I suppose i have been so used to him being such a great feeder the change with introducing solids and now this is just alien to me, and i wanted to go back to work happy he was feeding well.
Not near a Sainsbo's but have just got some natural yoghurt from Tescos!
I do offer finger foods as well, much prefer the idea of BLW but HV makes me nervous about his weight, not that i go too often...

Bumperlicious Sun 31-Aug-08 10:34:20

Follow your instinct with regards to his weight. My DD was totally BLW and still occasionally bfed. She is now a chubby 14mo running around like a madwoman!

Have you checked out the BLW blog? Don't forget to look at the forums too, they are full of recipe idea and people having the same wobbles!

Try sticks of cheese, bread sticks, toast with humous or cheese spread. Cinnamon is a great way of sweetening things like cereal without adding sugar. Croissants? DD loves those (mmm so do I!). Organix do biscuits sweetened only with fruit juice (try Boots or any supermarket baby aisle) which are perfect for gnawing on. I'm sure he is getting plenty though. Do you have any reason to worry about his weight? If not I would try and avoid the HV as much as possible!

blondiep14 Mon 01-Sep-08 11:13:00

Thanks for the link, will check it out.
He has the Organix biscuits but I have just seen on the packet they're not suitable until one yr hmm but he loves to suck them!
with regards to his weight, he was born on the 50th%ile and shot up to the 91st for quite a while, but has gradually dropped back to the 50th.
Last weigh in he was a smidge under that line & HV looked at me like I was poisoning him when I answered yes to the 'are you still bfeeding' question. She also said was good I'd started him on solids then as he prob needed them. So now I don't feel I want to go back anytime soon in case he's not a porker!

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