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14 weeks baby compressing nipple...can't get help about to give up breastfeeding

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katyjo Sat 30-Aug-08 08:53:11

I have struggled with bf since baby was 3.5 weeks and everyone keeps telling me my latch is fine despite holes in my nipples and bad cracks. I don't now what else to do, it makes me so sad to think i'll have to give up feeding but I have a 2 year old as well and I can't do this anymore.
I have tried skin-skin, trying to keep her calm and relaxed, different postions but she is starting to refuse the breast and her weight gain is terrible. I don't know where to turn

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sat 30-Aug-08 08:59:28

Hi Katyjo smile

If you've still got cracks in your nipples then the latch isn't fine. Please speak to a professional breastfeeding councillor, not a mw or hv.

Do you have signs of infection? Thrush for example? This can cause problems with the latch (it's painful in the lo's mouth).

In the meantime, to help with the cracks use the moist healing method. I used Lansinoh (expensive but worth its weight in gold) and constantly applied it to the nipple. The trick is to never let the nipple dry out as the cracks will just get worse.

I hope you find someone to help you with the latch, good luck xx

MrsJamin Sat 30-Aug-08 09:00:41

Poor you, you've done very well to get this far if you're still in pain. Have you rung or seen a breastfeeding counsellor?

gagarin Sat 30-Aug-08 09:09:38

I doubt very much if your latch is fine with nipples like that!

But it may look fine on the outside. Presumably you have had her checked for tongue tie?

Does she feed in a relaxed manner when she's latched on? Any struggling, pulling head back (thinking reflux). And what about you? Doe sit hurt throughout the feed or just at the latch on? Do you have to sit with your toes curled?

Weight gain is not too much of a worry if she's relatively happy during the day.

Unfortunately it's hard to help with anything but encouragement - but get another opinion on the latch if it's not a tongue tie prob?

spottedandstriped Sat 30-Aug-08 09:16:17

I think that you have done really well to get this far. I would speak to a lactation consultant, but whatever you decide to do - don't feel guilty. You have breastfed your baby for over three months which is a lot more than usual - which given the problems you have had is amazing. Incidentally, I can fully sympathise, I had big problems with my baby screaming and pulling off and then his weight started going down. It turned out that he had a posterior tongue tie which has now been sorted out. I know what it is like to feel that you can not feed your baby and how you may feel towards breast feeding.

Hope this helps

katyjo Sat 30-Aug-08 09:58:22

Thanks for your advice, where could I find a lactation consultant. The infant feeding advisors were rubbish but basically seem to be more qualified hv. I know I shouldn't be worried about weight gain but I can't help it. I feel like I've traumatised her. She seems really anxoius when I go to feed her and she doesn't suck the way she used to if I put a finger in her mouth and gags if I touch her soft palate.

ajm200 Sat 30-Aug-08 10:08:05

Call LLL (
or BFN

They can give you details of consultants in your area. The consultants are experienced mums who have BF a baby for over 6 months then completed up to 3 years of training.

I found that the NHS advisors were ok at getting new mums started off but couldn't help much with problems and the HVs were worse.

Good luck and try not to get to dis-heartened. I've been there and know how hard it can be.

spottedandstriped Sat 30-Aug-08 19:31:46

Have a look at this link

This is from the lactation consultants of GB website. You hopefully will find someone in your area - also agree with what ajm says

Hope this helps

charchargabor Sat 30-Aug-08 19:34:44

Poor you! sad Definitely call the helplines asap. Midwives and hvs don't usually have the training required to recognise if a latch is good, and it obviously isn't if you're in this much pain. You need some help from people who know what they are talking about. Hope you can get it sorted smile

purplemonkeydishwasher Sun 31-Aug-08 10:09:17


katyjo - i'm sorry things aren't going very well. I hope you can find someone to give you the support you need.
I posted on the other thread as well that I'm not that far away if you want to meet up.

katyjo Sun 31-Aug-08 17:21:07

I've given up, to say I'm devestated is an understatement, but I have to but my children first I have my son to think about as well.

smallwhitecat Sun 31-Aug-08 17:25:50

Message withdrawn

katyjo Sun 31-Aug-08 17:39:51

Thankyou. x

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