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World Record Breaking Breastfeed!

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Levanna Sat 19-Feb-05 02:30:09

I came across this on the UNICEF baby friendly site. It sounds like fun! Anyone else interested?

Cristina7 Sat 19-Feb-05 02:47:28

I think it's great to hear of initiatives that support breastfeeding. I think this is a bit OTT for my taste, though.

NotQuiteCockney Sat 19-Feb-05 08:21:20

Very cool! Anything that gets media attention for bf is good for me.

Unfortunately, my map of England ends at the M25, so I'm unlikely to make it ...

Levanna Sat 19-Feb-05 22:51:01

NQC . Luckily I'm in the area! Christina, I think this appeals to me and DH as a worth while day out with our LO's and as a nice way to mark breastfeeding awareness week and show our support.

highlander Sun 20-Feb-05 02:55:06

we had a mass 'latch-on' in North Vancouver last October in a shopping centre. It was hilarious fun - a BF councillor trying to make her voice heard over 60 odd hungry babies and toddlers. The it all went deathly silent as they latched on at the same time.

Highly recommended

kernowcat Sun 20-Feb-05 03:19:30

My sis took pics of me BF my DS (whose nearly 12 now so would kill me if he knew!!!) that was used in 1994 for bf wh k thn! I wish i could activiely participate now.....................

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