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Help she's biting me

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Febes Thu 28-Aug-08 18:32:38

DD is just over 9 months and has started biting me about 3 weeks ago. She smiles and thinks its funny. I've tried shouting, put her on the floor, stop feeding and put her to bed but she keeps doing it. What do I do??? I don't want to stop feeding. She normally feeds really well in the morning just midday and evening. I'm cutting down to 2 feeds- morning and evening now to see if that helps.

Febes Thu 28-Aug-08 21:59:11


MadameOvary Thu 28-Aug-08 22:06:12

I've read several times that you remove them from the breast, say "No" clearly and firmly, so its a simple case of them learning that biting = no food. She doesnt think its funny btw, she doesn't understand that she's hurting you.
Could it be wind/colic? I ask because when DD is windy she is very distracted and nips me because she is flailing about so much.

ILikeYourSleeves Thu 28-Aug-08 22:15:03

My DS was doing this (10 months), he only did it a few times but it was AGONY so I sympathise! I worked out he wasn't hungry for milk as he'd only ever bite at his bedtime feed and he just wasn't hungry at bedtome so he'd lark about and bite as he wasn't in the mood for milk. He had dinner at 5pm and bed milk 630pm. I then moved bedmilk forward an hour so he had it at 730pm and voila, a tired and peckish baby and no more biting! maybe that's what's happening with your DD?

My DS would giggle when I said no too but I would give him a 2nd chance and if he bit again he'd go to bed hungry. But inevitably he'd wail and I would feed him again only 10 mins later and he'd then latch on fine to calm himself down really.

I'd look for patterns to see what may be influencing the biting esp as you say mornings are fine.

Good luck!

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