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6 month old gone off milk

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2point4kids Thu 28-Aug-08 12:18:11

DS2 is 6 and a half months.
He's been having solid food for about 3 weeks now and is on 3 meals a day and loving it.

He was having 5 or 6 bottles a day before weaning at 6oz a time.

Now he is only having 2 bottles a day (first and last thing) and drinking only about 4oz each time.
I try a couple more times in the day but he wont drink any more. He's gone right off milk.

He is moaning in between meals and I'm sure he is hungry but wants food rather than milk!

Shall I keep trying to get him to have a bit more milk or shall I give him snacks in between meals instead (yoghurts?)

This morning he had 4oz at 7am, porridge and fruit at 8am. At 11ish he started moaning and looking hungry. I tried him with milk several times, no luck. S I gave him a rice cake to keep him going till lunch which he has just had.

Does that sound ok?
DS1 never went below about 25oz of milk a day! He still drinks that now on top of meals and he is nearly 3!

2point4kids Thu 28-Aug-08 13:18:56


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