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work,weaning and sleep

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whinger01 Fri 18-Feb-05 11:56:20

Am going back to work in 2 weeks,have recently got my 7 month old onto solids,combined with breast,but have tried giving him a botle of formula,as has his dad..refuses point blank,is currently waking every 2/3 hrs evrey night needing fed..cant understand what im doing wrong..

Frizbe Fri 18-Feb-05 11:58:54

will he take boob from a bottle? if so its not the bottle that's the issue but the taste of the formula, you could try a differnt formula? (I would guess the increased night feeding is a growth spurt, they have one around now...not conveniente with going back to work though) {{hugs}} it'll sort soon and I'm sure better advice will be along too!

Chuffed Fri 18-Feb-05 12:41:57

Have you tried milk from a sippy cup. We didn't bother with a bottle as dd just chewed it and wouldn't drink. If you are using avent bottles you could just buy a sippy cup top and put it on the bottle instead of the teat.

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