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can hpv be passed on through bm? tictok or anyone

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pleasehelpquick Tue 26-Aug-08 12:27:22

if you have had gential warts in the past, does this mean you should not bf?

Mamazon Tue 26-Aug-08 12:29:52

I wouldn't have thought so.
it is an STD essentially so surely it would just be through direct contact with genitalia?

pleasehelpquick Tue 26-Aug-08 12:34:30

someone's just told me hpv virus, goes in the bm

do i need to stop bf?

pleasehelpquick Tue 26-Aug-08 12:34:55

had warts about 8 years ago btw

PortAndLemon Tue 26-Aug-08 12:37:22

Doctor here says no, it can't be passed on through breastmilk. You need to be careful about handwashing, but then you'd need to be careful about handwashing if you were formula feeding.

Antibodies to the virus will probably go in the breast milk, but that's a good thing.

callmeovercautious Tue 26-Aug-08 12:38:34

Surely you would be passing on immunity? I don't know enough about it sorry! Try not to panic though and get googling smile

tiktok Tue 26-Aug-08 13:15:07

HPV and genital warts are quite common. I have never heard that breastfeeding would be contraindicted, and can't think why it would be - breastmilk is a very poor way of transmitting anything bad at all, and only HIV has been shown to affect babies, out of all the viruses in the whole world!

Viruses may be present in milk, but they do not get passed to the baby (apart from, as I say, HIV).

Who on earth has told you this?

pleasehelpquick Tue 26-Aug-08 13:45:43

the hv.

pleasehelpquick Tue 26-Aug-08 13:47:00

thankyou all for your replys.

well tiktok if you think its safe i think i will continue.
thankyou for anwsering me.

pleasehelpquick Tue 26-Aug-08 13:48:27

do you think that cobathing is ok if i make sure genitals dont touch?

PortAndLemon Tue 26-Aug-08 13:50:52

I would expect so, assuming you don't have a current outbreak --- soooooo many people have had HPV that if it were dangerous to cobathe then I'd expect that to be more highly publicised. But I'm not a medical expert.

tiktok Tue 26-Aug-08 14:02:59

pleasehelpquick - I am not a medical person, but I am an experienced bfc and I think if genital warts was a contraindication to bf, then breastfeeding counsellors would know...lifetime incidence of genital warts among people who have ever been sexually active is estimated at 75 per cent

There is no way you and your baby could accidentally touch genitals while co-bathing, so I can't see that is an issue.

I have no idea if the virus has been found in breastmilk - but it's irrelevant, because some viruses do show up in breastmilk and do not affect the baby in anyway. The HPV virus is passed on through sexual contact, not via eating or drinking something.

I am really taken aback by the fact your HV has said this to you - did she imply or state you should not breastfeed? You have to ask her to back this up with something you can read about for yourself. She won't be able to, and you may end up preventing her from scaring some other mother if you call her on this.

pleasehelpquick Tue 26-Aug-08 19:20:59

thanks so much for your help, she has put the fear of god into me.
she thinks all babies should be weaned at 16 weeks, and 20 weeks at the latest[which i know is not the guidlines] and she reckons im storing up allsorts of trouble for myself and my baby by trying to ex bf for 6 months baby is 4months atm.
and that if i don't give her food by 4 months she won't take it when shes older.
im trying to do a responsive type style an it is working for us, but the hv says i should not be feeding her on demand and that i should just leave her to cry.
she is my only baby, so i have plenty of tim to respond to her needs.
and im not depressed or anything,and i prefer to feed dd if thats what she wants,its hardly relaxing hearing her cry. i get the feeling th hv thinks im some type of hippygirl.

anyway i only had gw 8 years ago once, it got treated and never returned.
but i do feel very blush
do you think i should talk the the gp about her?
she gets everyone thats trying to bf to top up.

tiktok Tue 26-Aug-08 19:36:51

She sounds dreadful, PHQ.

GPs are not usually responsible for the quality of the health visitors on their patch - the HVs are employed by the PCT, whereas the GPs are contracted by the PCT and have no management 'power' over the HVs.

However, your GP should know how poorly she is supporting you. You can also make a complaint about your HV to the PCT - it doesn't have to be a formal one if you prefer to keep it informal, just call your PCT and ask who the person is who manages the HVs in your area, so you have a name to write to.

Look - 75 per cent of us (inc me - hey, too much information NOT, because I don't feel freakish! ) have the human papilloma virus over our lifetime. Not everyone has symptoms that they notice. It is a normal part of being a sexual being, and you must have had sex at some time with someone or you would not have the lovely baby you have now Nothing to be blush about at all!

How horrible of her to try and undermine you in this way - and to use your medical history to scare you

pleasehelpquick Tue 26-Aug-08 20:35:05

thanks for the support tiktocsmile

i will carry on! happy and

i will call the pct, as i also feel shes interferring telling me to do this and that when ive not asked for any advice.
its not really upto her to tell me i shouldnt be feeding her on demand etc cudle her all the time.
its upto me.
i could understand a bit more if i was stressed /depressed and stuggling to cope but i am not.
also i dont think she sould be sacring mum into weaning early,saying if we don't we will never get them to eat food.
she tells everymum to top up for a rest.

the bf rates in my are almost nil and im sure a large part ofit is due to her.

callmeovercautious Fri 29-Aug-08 23:28:03

Good on you PHQ smile

Loads of us have had at least an abnormal smear due to HPV if not GW. 75% suprised me though - thanks ticktock for that info.

I had an HPV abnormal smear in my early 20s and was treated. I never even considered it when PG with DD and am still BFing her now at 23M. As I said earlier if anything you can only pass on positive antibodies for most things. I even BFed her though a tummy bug and she did not catch it. I like to think the BFing helped her to resist the bacteria.

susiecutiebananas Fri 29-Aug-08 23:45:03

I really wanted to just second every thing that tiktoc has said.
I would also URGE you to complain to the PCT about her. Her practice is very out of date. I'm actually shocked at her attitude to br feeding.

Br feeding after 6 months is NOT extended br feeding! The woman is a danger actually, to many little babies by tellig their mums to ween them at 4 months. There is SO much research to back up why it is not good to wean so early, and so much to back up why it is better to at 6 months+ .

She really needs to have her practice updated. Do not feel embarrassed about your HPV either. it is far more common than you would think.
Please put a written complaint in, to help other mums who maybe do not have the kid of resources like this, to ask for advice from...

To just add, there is very very^ little that passes from br milk to the baby which is harmful. medication, illness etc... VERY few medications are contradinitcated, despite the warnings on pretty much everyhting you buy or are prescribed. the reason being that unless at the time of 'testing' the drugs, they also used them with pg or br feeding mums, they can't say in the license that it is ok. So they have to put that warning on the information.

I was having to take, and still am actually, large amounts of morphine when pg and br feeding after dd was born. Now, she did have to be observed for withdrawal, as it does cross the placenta, however, very very very minimal amounts, are passed to her in my br milk. So i have always been able to br feed her, and still am at 19months.

The only medication, really ( with a very few exceptions, which should all be checked of course ) which are excreted or are contraindicated in br milk are drugs used in chemotherapy. that is pretty much the only group that is a real no no. which most people are surprised to hear, since as I say, that warning is on everything! oh, and of course a general anaesthetic and that type of drug...

Please though, thoroughly check it out before br feeding if you are given any kind of medication, aske your GP to look it up i the BNF or check online. your pharmacist will also be able to look it up. There is a section at the back which lists most meds ad if they are contraindicated or if they are ok... most answers are yes wink

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